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Health 874 views Oct 11, 2012
i8erdfe4f:celine luggage handbag Series Features

The appearance of geometric shapes, generous proportions, celine luggage handbag series become indispensable in the daily life of a bag with a classic structure.

French middle-class tradition and British non-mainstream attitude the perfect combination, adding a feminine male elements, luxurious and elegant, capable and mature. The achievements of this structural rather than decorative details celine luggage handbag, remove the complexity of the design, not fancy lady of not too much, concise, three-dimensional, reflecting a real character. Relaxed style is easy to carry, suitable for the city day dresses and everyday life, both worth the investment in a single product is a sign of fashion.

The creative structure wavy Baoshen feel filling. Performance in two ways: open bags two wings, embodies an easy dynamic attitude towards life, wings closed, you can highlight the lines of the contemporary, stylish and elegant. Front zipper and pocket zippers throughout the bag did not use metal accessories, and more emphasis on the shape and lines of the bags on the side of the opposite sex Khin Nyunt added a touch of fun.

The basic models celine luggage bag trumpet, medium and oversized three sizes, all black or black and white is the most classic style. Turn fur with smooth leather, and to dense irregular grainy French leather trim, to preserve its original beauty, lined compared to a soft Nappa sheepskin. All materials are specially treated to enhance its softness, the bottom of the more high-quality metal brace enough to consolidate the package shape, giving the bags generous capacity. This summer, celine luggage bag series will launch a special Mini size of the smaller volume, no support to the foot of the design makes the bag more casual. In addition, the new canvas and leather stitching style added a bit of holiday feeling. And bright blue, rust, red and other bright colors bring us a the Xia Tianqing new breath.