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Humor 708 views Sep 22, 2012
vexc54tsdr:Celine the luggage bags retro Celine piece is not ju

Look at recent street shooting star T station serves, you can easily find the fashion designers have to enter the retro, a lot of the previous trend styles to be resurrected and given a new life to become a trend in this trend. celine that models small retro celine bags became a street shooting common single product, whether it is the Freaky XuHaoYing or sweet Queen B were both a celine bags love it.

The revived trend is blowing the Celine Classic tote home series. The basic models celine tote handmade quality French box leather roll the léigé main leather palm volumes, surface slightly fissile, showing a subtle semi-reflective state, the plant tanning method it has more attractive as time goes by luster, even left a slight scratch only adding to the retro flavor.

Classic tote series a shot, they won many Superman sought after in the Paris Fashion Week, there are some to see the shadow of the Classic. Adjustable shoulder strap length is also removable, can mix and match casual wear like E Sao whims back on his shoulders, a strong sense of contrast highlights its retro temperament. Never outdated classic style, representing the Revivalist in middle-class spirit, no extra detail or decoration, can be used with any clothing. celine luggage bags series trumpet and number two sizes, three to use. Adjustable shoulder strap length is also removable, whims and carried over the shoulder can mix and match casual wear, a strong sense of contrast highlights its retro temperament, remove the shoulder strap can be used as a hand bag to attend a banquet, and the shoulder strap more alone as belt use.