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Entrepreneurship 666 views Sep 21, 2012
o6ghnjdtjh:Celine classic bag the much-loved

Retro celine bags last year set off a wave of classic retro even the famous Hermes Platinum package also rekindled the classic H logo bag fad.celine tote is surging ah. And the two luxury brands classic bags highly stars favor, many big-name actress, Leighton Meester, Airy Shan Zhong carrying one!

Never outdated classic, retro is much the fashion tide people's favorite. The retro wave set off by last year has been extended. So, all the entertainment, fashion tide people, of course, will not miss show their fashion sense opportunity, retro celine bags without hesitation bag satchel Imagine these style style must be able to lead the 2011 the spring and summer trend. Here take a look at the the actress favorite retro classic satchel:

Leighton Meester's red celine luggage bags full of lovely, compact style simple lines and attractive red coupled with nude-colored dress even more eye-catching. People have been pretty enough, with this eye-catching red race Lin small satchel not people recognize them? Dress with a popular British It Girl Alexa Chung has been remarkable, is the focus of the fashion media chase. , Dark blue sweater coupled with black leather pants and black high-heeled boots whole body shape is low-key and simple yet cool. Sky blue Burberry small satchel Airy Shan Zhong entire modeling more bright.