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Lucid Dreaming 1,802 views Sep 20, 2012
k5fd4dfgrw:the celine bag of fashion light years

Celine was founded originally a children's clothing shoes manufacturers, was known for very pragmatic and practical products are comfortable and unique. 1969 is a turning point in the development of Celine. 1997 Micheal Kors served as chief fashion designer Celine first established a distinctive design style to the brand. In February 1999, he was appointed as the creative director of Celine. The same year, celine bags new recruits accessories designer also change the design of shoes and leather products, with a stylish minimalist, Hua Guiya caused demeanor, forming a complete brand style.

Celine since its inception in 1945, has been synonymous with excellent quality and exquisite fashion. Clothing, purses, shoes, leather gloves and other products that it produces, from accessories to design, production, or selection, are quite rich and refined, emphasizing harmony and clothing with sex. Over the years, Celine continued for female interpretation of elegance to create fashion, while continuing to express through the introduction of new design fashion interest in culture and sports, Celine represents a new way of life. In 2005, Ivana Omazic as brand artistic director, accept challenges reinterpreted CELINE spirit. Designed and launched by her 2006 spring and summer series with great success. She boldly carry forward the CELINE traditional leisure installed the unique style, with elegant, modern and full of feminine charm fashion design.

celine luggage bags debut series, a continuation of the the Blason Logo twips fabric series, the latest masterpiece to flaunt a high degree of functionality the large specifications bags, shopping bags,celine tote bags, side backpacks and more than 10 kinds of models type, all have multi-layered pocket with pocket set, carry material, methodical Steady, small leather goods such as wallets, key cases, wallets also due should have points of difference, the Blason Logo series is different from before , is the circular metal studs amendment into the square button nail, given the masculine personality traits.