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Intention & Manifestation 702 views Sep 18, 2012
f6vhdt5c4:CELINE Bags Parisian elegance synonymous

This is the most classic of a celine bags, 2012 the formal launch of the kid making the first, but in order to commemorate the 1945 New Wave music Boogie Woogie Jazz from. Addition The years CELINE founder Ms. Céline Vipiana, also in Paris opened its first store, therefore significant. It has no bright metal fittings or oversized anticipated appearance, but its full round shape seems abnormal elegant movements.

Winter 2012, CELINE hand in the famous South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo, to create a new version of celine tote perfect blend of creativity and innovation and international fashion in one. To celebrate the listing of which limited edition handbags in Asia at the same time in order to express the handbag of CELINE brand has long been concerned about the charity and child welfare, number "66" in October last year in Beijing and Shanghai CELINE shop charity auction the proceeds funded of Qinghai Province Nanmenxia town primary reconstruction works have all been used to.

Stylish, elegant, classic celine luggage bags underscores CELINE leather craftsmanship. 1966 Ms. Celine · Weipiannuo, launched her first celine luggage bags series, the same year, her keen horse racing chariot chose American flag as a brand. 41 years later, the new celine luggage bags series style chic, easy to mix, luxurious and practical, lightweight and exceptionally soft feel. The moderate daily handbag volume of this series, made ​​by the most superior leather, and thus will be presented with the passage of time and more show the beautiful patina.