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Humor 794 views Sep 13, 2012
g6fxwdfgh:The the Celine brand new bag series adds a retro flav

Such a legend - celine bags in the fashion circle. But a "must have" package. Identification standards of Iceline bags, that is with the big star of the most photographed, is modeled on the most bags. Than Hermes, Chanel and other big luxury It bag, the celine bags several classic package shall the "upstart breath" and not so strong, on the contrary, several bags capable of adhering to the simple Celine brand spirit by from The big stars loved the influx of people to the High Street.

In 2011, the brand has introduced a product called celine luggage bags, Luggage different, new celine luggage bags the outwardly open on both sides, to abandon the closed zipper design to replace layered belt lacing either hanging on both sides, another button-down. Phantom has a greater volume of its unique half-open, half closed appearance than smiley packets more sense of humor, fans called the "big ears".

Maybe Celine fans too fond of his family's bags from a nickname for each package shall. "Celine tote" Celine celine tote series package shall be launched in the fall of 2011, The Trapeze Chinese translated as "swing", seems to imply that this bag like swing, bring you free, free feeling. This bat pack is a gathering of the classic elements of the first section of the package: the elegant square buckle Classic series, the two wings of the Luggage series folding design, as well as Cabas series envelope structure.