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Health 633 views Sep 13, 2012
g6fxwdfgh:Paris most red brand Celine classic bag

Mentioned the French luxury brand Celine, first thought may be that popular in the world, "celine luggage bags, in fact, in addition to celine luggage bags, the Paris red brand also has a Classic Box, Cabas classic shopping bag bag models, all sections can be called the It Bag. Classic Bag can be called a classic of classics.

Perhaps it is the scenery full luxury big they now must pass through stages, celine bags have a crisis a few years ago, and the brand turned the corner, is celine tote. Small square package of simple lines, low-key atmosphere of nostalgia, ambitious and aggressive "Classic" name, this exudes elegant retro atmosphere of a famous battle, hovering on the edge of celine tote back to the first-line brand of team.

Jiong face pack is really red, purple, launched in 2010 by the the Celine design director Phoebe Philo, the designer This package named to celine luggage bags. celine luggage bags mentioning formed and the position of the zipper such as the outline of the face, also known as the smiley package, a launch would be warmly sought after due to its innovative and humorous style and square outline.