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Health 596 views Sep 11, 2012
n6xf5redsr:Celine bags of good taste


celine bags is a relatively young brand, and so far about 60 years of history, now belongs to LVHM Group members. Although history is not long, but celine bagsactually been very focused in the field of handbags. From 1959, the handbags even celine tote main project. As a French brand, Céline also adhering to the French luxury goods industry has consistently refined style. Mainly go elegant line, but this elegant and not make you feel too loaded, elegant and very free and easy.

Star of the same paragraph:

First time to see the star of the same paragraph of Celine Handbag TV personality Kris Jenner here, absolutely not beautiful, but completely lost major star excellent Masanori children carrying only Celine Handbag.

Bags description:

celine luggage bags series in two dimensions, in addition to the slender size of this picture, there is a slightly shorter size of the normal ratio. Material aspects of leather, python skin and black crocodile leather is optional, even if it is one of the most popular leather, is made ​​by the finest leather, the texture is very smooth and detailed. Black and white, short paragraph long section of the orange and dark brown color, now price also unknown. celine luggage bags very atmospheric structure, take this bag in the picture, completely constructed of a metal frame and shiny leather, very neat altogether. Will not be tough too, just right of the arc gives the feeling is still pretty woman.