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Family & Home 634 views Sep 08, 2012
b5df45fgh:celine luggage bags menacing

Smiley "hurricane" swept the fashion world

Stepping on the brand in the fashion limelight waves on to say that this year, it really none other than the non-celine bags. Obscurity so for several years, now says the outbreak broke, celine bags classic box and an evil smiley package menacing look of righteousness, let stand state-of-the-art luxury sector veteran had admiration.

Say red only in the fashion industry really is not too wonders, such as celine bags directly to the private sector but it is only a handful. Facts card: Shanghai, Hang Lung department store to pay the full amount scheduled smiley package three months; London, New York, Paris, Milan, the full amount scheduled two months; the counter occasionally sporadic released twelve spot, almost all instant seconds killed. At the same time, classic box is not weak, pricing dare almost equal Chanel, but scheduled favorite color so you have to wait a month or two is not, and can not guarantee the arrival.

Celine overwhelmed by such a scene resurrection is no accident, the biggest player than Phoebe Philo, Celine chief architect. The talented designer from the UK is a kind of natural charm, fashion and media are rumors that she may become the 21st century, Coco Chanel. Phoebe talent no doubt, but looked a little Hermes Birkin tasteceline tote bags designed. Sister friend privately says, can not wait for a Birkin, the first to buy the only smiling face to make a famine. Of course, fashion was a great copy, but the copy was level is the most important. Birkin in addition to price people stop, the biggest weakness is that too seriously. OK, then draw a smiley face in the above mix points innocence. The interesting fashion fun, but also thanks to Phoebe sufficiently bold, what this fearless hip hop spirit living beings it crazy. In fact, a closer look at the celine luggage bags, celine luggage bags although with a smile, but I have to laugh do not laugh, cry cry like the vicissitudes of life, was really a bit all in the taste.