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Goals & Goal Setting 637 views Aug 26, 2012
4x45hydrt:celine tote desire to list on the new love package

Launch in 2008 spring and summer new Les Cuirs Sulky chariot series, good criticisms caused panic buying of aristocratic lady in the shop have left long the Waiting List, the most popular with consumers, especiallyceline bags listed often create sales success since the 2008 summer or winter launch new materials and new colors are captured consumers' hearts and minds, the spring and summer of 2009, CELINE celine totepersistent efforts to launch a mini-version of the package, a diverse selection of materials and colorful color, is expected to bring another panic buying.

celine tote bag follows the extremely popular chariot Orlov design prototype size reduction regardless of daily life or dinner can use the size of a pack of multi-purpose, the recession situation to create more value. In addition, the youthful and colorful vibrant colors, people could not help but see more Mini Orlov a material aspects, celine mini exquisite workmanship of the leather is no slack, classic leather series launched two leather texture after different treatment Plateau material contains a selection of New Zealand calfskin waxy leather waxy leather leather dried, cutting, staining Finally, a complex formalities, a layer of protection for the processing of leather grease, so the leather would reveal such the charming luster after waxing, but also allow smoother leather surface, no texture.

The other processed kneading leather using vegetable dyes in the washing treatment, overall show natural leather color even after vegetable dyes also revealed a retro charm. Hi Aidan Ning materials, celine luggage bags classic the Macadam tannins totem to choose from, not only more stylish and compact, but also for the brand to create a more youthful and vibrant atmosphere.