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Getting Things Done 885 views Aug 16, 2012
n45ds23fead:Mulberry launch the 2012 holiday series of small sa

British fashion brand Mulberry recently launched a small bag of the 2012 holiday series has a unique treatment cortex and style methods of Mulberry, coupled with the unique qualities of the cortex. These brightly colored style of the classic mulberry bags easily with the streets, the most suitable for those who like the girls of aristocratic lines and minimalist style.

Matte finish Pink Plaid chain package
Mulberry launch of the 2012 holiday series, mulberry handbag this matte finish pink checkered chains successfully conquer the majority of women in appearance and color, simple appearance, coupled with a strong sense of metal tether, so that mulberry handbags have more the aristocratic temperament.

Dark green mobile Messenger Bag
The dark green mulberry purses most people can drive drive, dark green color coupled with slightly neutral and full of personality shape of a certain temperament and with the skill of the MM can be dressed up the best results, otherwise it will make MM to look rustic and shabby. Can be multi-functional way to carry mobile can Messenger for MM should choose a different method of carriage.