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Family & Home 791 views Jul 27, 2012
zs34dza:November holiday travel bag with the program

11 holidays approaching, finally looked forward to the holidays, is already planning how to arrange it? Whether you arrange travel, shopping, and friends gathering, I believe that ultimately, with a suitable handbags travel, gave you recommend several 11 holiday travel mulberry bags with the program.

For these outdoor tourism MM especially in this season, climbing, hiking, outdoor sports, is a good choice, of course we need with an easy to carry, and with a certain capacity mulberry handbag! I suggest that you choose the style of mulberry handbags travel, because more effort mulberry handbags mulberry handbags have a certain capacity for the long travel time of the MM, mulberry handbags is your choice.

Golden Holidays is MM are shopping golden period of about two or three sisters go to Amoy Street, I believe that is great fun! Recommended shopping, MM try to choose the Messenger bag and shoulder bag, these two styles of packets can liberate your hands, you can free up your hands to enjoy the selection of merchandise, and another on the safety performance of more than shoulder bag advantage. Of course, the most important thing is that these two styles of bags in style on the choice of a more diverse selection of a good style messenger bag or shoulder bag, shopping highlights your taste!

Finally the arrival of the holidays, naturally, need to arrange appointments with lovers, choice and heterosexual dating, in the choice of handbags, you can choose the past two years, hot styles of handbags, or style compact mulberry purses. Both packages can be fully demonstrated the women's soft and charming, I believe that to carry such styles of bags to attend an appointment, we will let him lot of extra points on your taste.