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Getting Things Done 635 views Jun 29, 2012
x556ddw4d:Celine Bags Care Rips

A.Proper use of Celine bags

Correct habits can improve the durability of celine bags.
Often maintained celine bags dry; celine bags of wet or damp, will lead to deformation; Do not let the bags are much too heavy; avoid hardware and Jewellery exposure to chemicals; not glossy bag in a plastic bag; different color of celine luggage bags, do not close together.

B. Daily Care

A simple routine care, Celine tote will make more durable.
Celine tote wet, should be a dry cloth to absorb moisture, then placed in a cool celine bags outside to dry naturally. Do not put sun exposure, air-conditioning next to or blow dry with a hairdryer, otherwise it will burst phenomenon. Regular use of leather detergent applied to the skin surface, should be applied to a dry cloth. Avoid washing or exposure to chemical solvents. Store celine bags, you can add a little moisture beads.