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Getting Things Done 639 views Jun 12, 2012
Xz45rgsd:Bag with tips

To match your style, choose a suitable bag for your overall shape of the lot of extra points, but picked the wrong bag, enriched not only not your style, would give the shape looks very failure. Woman of clothing bag mix is ​​also very important, I tell you how to choose their own style bag, hoping for all day-to-day with some help.

Stable type: celine bags

celine bagssuitable for office workers, more than the color black, coffee, white monochrome Department or dark-colored checkered. Consider the need to wear suits to white-collar jobs, and clothing colors are mostly black, white, coffee and other dark colors selected celine bags should have a distinctive style in the style and detail, like tassels, rivets, metal chain, mosaic details of the decoration, etc., can increase the bright spot in a dull color.


Leisure type: celine luggage bags

This random celine luggage bags messenger, backpack, shoulder-based, most suitable to go out shopping, picnic use. Such celine luggage bagsvolume is generally large, have sufficient capacity, on the fabric more than the main canvas, denim fabrics. Such celine bags of luggage suitable for DIY, like celine luggage bags, decorative badge pendant girls, you can enjoy displaying you with talent.


Uncertain type: celine tote

As the name suggests this type of celine tote, rich and bright colors, lively style, and give people a fresh feeling. celine tote more frequent in spring and summer, this season's clothes, color and more to the light color, just with colorful celine tote, but this type of celine tote is best not to choose too large style. Personally, I think the colorful package is more suitable for the tall figure and skin color of Europeans and Americans, Asians difficult to back out of the kind of tropical style, they still choose compact models relatively high safety factor.