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Family & Home 621 views May 30, 2012
op5w3fgw: Handbags series

2011 has just been know to hit the color concept, not yet open the door of the hearts of more people. Red with green, orange with purple color with a hit to make our world more colorful. To try new things, no longer do people behave.

Fur no longer the old-fashioned and synonymous with luxury, with the understanding of fashion and designers of innovative design, the fur has entered the homes of ordinary people. Watching the young girls to take home at the same time soft and comfortable plush celine bags, fur has been growing public acceptance.

celine tote often make use of elements of the classic Lingge will never be forgotten. More will be breakthroughs and innovation, the taste of retro and trends together. Fashion girls, not who can stand up.

Rivet this word interpretation too: the streets, full of cool, punk, neutral. Rivet is an attitude, with 2011 rivets rolled a wave of global fashion, 2012 will be pushed higher.

celine luggage bags, clothes, shoes, and especially to the color monotony of winter, may be doomed from the day it appears, it will be the same as the jeans eternal down. Young mentality that wants to own the world, painted with a touch of dazzling color.