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Personal 3,374 views Mar 07, 2011

Time. The typical human being sleeps for 8 hours. He then wakes up and heads to the shower, eats breakfast, and then works his 9 to 5 shift for 8 hours. There's only 24 hours in the day and 16 of them are spent sleeping and working. This leaves only 8 hours in the day for personal growth. But really, when you subtract the time spent in traffic, lunch break, phone calls, and emails, you're looking at probably only 4 hours of real quality time for family and personal growth. But what really shocks me, actually upsets me is that if you maintain this type of behavior and live to be over a 100 years old, one third of your life (about 33 years) will have been spent sleeping. Let's say that you retire at 65 and you have been working since you were 18, that's 47 years of labor. And to be honest, how much of our free time do we spend watching TV and surfing the internet? I realized that time is more valuable than money (unless you can perform a labor once that will give you enough money to have more free time). I can always make money, I can't always be in my 20's. In essence, the ones that we label as brilliant or are ultra contributors to our social systems, are actually the ones who make best use of their time. They know who they should not spend their time with. They understand places they shouldn't be and the focus that certain things should not get. That doesn't mean that the things they ignore are unworthy. On the contrary, it just means that they have a laser sharp focus on what really matters to them and everything else might as well not exist.

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