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Self-Discipline 2,219 views May 27, 2013


Self-Discipline can sometimes feel like you're cracking the whip on yourself. Not letting yourself get away with mediocrity is essential to breaking through creative blocks, financial pitfalls, or reaching new heights in your physical development. Self-Discipline can help you turn crappy situations into golden opportunities. Nike says "Just Do It." But personally, sometimes I can't "Just Do it". Sometimes I need a little extra push, shove, nod, or even earthquake to get me to "just do it". Caffeine you say? Yes, but things like energy drinks and "magic pills" are just a crutch for internal characteristics that some people have not developed. Using caffeine and "other remedies" to help you to "just do it" is like playing a game and using all the cheat codes to beat the final boss, bad guy, monster. But, then again, I value the mentality of getting it done by any means necessary. Just do it.