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Health 2,668 views Aug 28, 2011
Mesothelioma Information and Symptoms

Mesothelioma Information and Symptoms


I've been watching the news and commercials on TV lately, and it seems like a new legal craze has hit the mainstream health community. More specifically, lawyers are smelling blood. Victims of mesothelioma are seeing dollar signs for retribution, while negligent corporations are seeing dwindling profits from settlements. If there is one thing that corporations, lawyers, and victims of mesothelloma have learned, is that exposing people to asbestos can have huge financial consequences.


Symptoms of Mesothelioma:

1. Anemia 

2. Blood Clotting Disorder

3. Bowel Obstruction 

4. Chest Pain

5. Dysphagia 

6. Fluid Effusion 

7. Hemoptysis

8. Nausea

9. Peritoneal Effusion

10. Pleural Effusion 

11. Weight Loss