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Personal 451 views Sep 07, 2018
How To Prepare Healthy Soil For Garden?

The Soil is the root of any plant to bring it to a big tree and that’s why it is important to have healthy soil before starting with your Garden. When the topsoil is good, you need less fertilizers or pesticides to use it in the garden. People can use organic humus for the plantation as this is rich in humus and holds the moisture easily. Moreover, it is fluffy and loose and has every essential nutrient that a plant need for its growth. So, for garden care, you need to make sure that the ground you prepare is healthy.

Determining the healthy

Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the most important elements for a healthy soil and, plants need them on a large amount. However, magnesium, sulfur and calcium are also important and are known to be the secondary nutrients. Also, the ph level and the alkaline nature make the topsoil good and healthy.


Testing the soil is very important and you can take help from Calscut team to do that for you. They will determine the pH level, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. Moreover, the experts can help you in reporting the soil’s micronutrient content. With a pH meter, you can determine the pH of your topsoil and also the acid-alkaline balance. The best time to test the topsoil is in Spring season. In this season, you can add any soil amendments and organic fertilizer.

Soil Testing


If you add organic matter or use mulch in the humus then, this is the best method to prepare the soil for planting. If you use chemical fertilizers, they do nothing expect to replenish the certain nutrients. Organic matter will help the plants a lot.


Plants also need air for photosynthesis as well as for soil. It also helps in the survival of the soil organisms that are beneficial for the plants. If you use organic matter, especially the composite one then it will help in balancing the air supply.


Plants need water in a particular amount that should not be more as well as less. Use the proper topsoil so that they have small as well as large pores that hold the water exactly in that amount which is required by the plant.

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So, remember all these points before preparing for the garden and take help of Garden Care Service from the Calscut experts.

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