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Humor 158 views Sep 03, 2018
MapleStoryM can be deceptively easy as the bold puts

The rewards you admission for adventitious achievement are one thing, and these will usually cover accustomed bill (Mesos), acquaintance credibility (EXP), VIP Teleport Rocks, new weapons, items, and potions. But there are bags added rewards that are attainable in the game, starting with the Adviser Mission rewards, which are the rewards you admission for commutual the missions that are advised to adviser you through the appropriate aisle in the game MapleStory M Mesos. These may cover Mesos, Refining Crumb Best Boxes, Gold Leaves, and more. The Accident Rewards, Actualization Rewards, and Rest Rewards can be accessed by borer on the agenda bulk on the top appropriate card — Accident Rewards are for annual attendance, or circadian logins, an oftentimes cover draw tickets that could accord you a adventitious at some attenuate and able weapons, Actualization Rewards are based on the continuance you abide logged into the bold and usually cover Mesos and aliment for your pets, and Rest Rewards, which analogously appear in the anatomy of Mesos and Refining Crumb Boxes.

We’re not done with the rewards, as you’ve aswell got your Tasks, which are based on time-bound circadian milestones (using a aromatic 10 times, cartoon equipment, Achievements, which are based on accumulative milestones (reach akin 15, aggregate 100,000 Mesos, etc.), and Annual Missions, which are based on annual milestones. For all of these, you will admission Gold Leaves, which are acclimated to acquirement items in the Gold Leaf Shop. Aswell yield agenda that abounding rewards will be beatific to your Mailbox, which is represented by the envelope bulk on the top appropriate menu. You’ll accept to go there in adjustment to redeem those items!As a annual tip, the Gift card does not accredit to added freebies! This is in actuality breadth you can acquirement appropriate bales that you could use to admonition beforehand your character, including Crystals, which are the game’s harder to admission exceptional currency.