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Society 191 views Dec 15, 2017
Areas for Professionals to Stay in Delhi with Fast Internet

People choose to live in Delhi, the capital city of India, and it should come as no surprise to anyone, that it attracts people of all age groups from the country and the world. Some come to the city to set up roots, while others are here to meet professional or educational requirements.  There is one requirement they all have, and that is a good home to live in, whether as renters or homeowners. The area they choose should not only meet their needs of a home, but also provide infrastructural facilities such as transport amenities, meet their budgets for renting or owning a home, have good schools in the neighborhood and offer the best broadband in Delhi. However, since the city’s population exceeds the population of some countries, instead of the giving name of colonies, here we are sharing the different geographical areas along satellite towns.

Central Delhi — This area houses some of the most expensive property in the region, and is the area where politicians and industrialists rub shoulders. It is also home to old Delhi where the homes are now transformed into markets. However, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation area offers wide roads, huge bungalows and along with the latest advancements such as v-fiber broadband for comfortable living for all professionals.  

South Delhi — The hot and happening crowd of Delhi belongs to this region, but there are enough localities in the area to meet budget constraints.  The Latest cars, the swankiest malls, and service providers lining up to offer every luxury imaginable is what you will get used to if you decide to make South Delhi your home. It also has offers easy access to the IT-towns of Gurgaon and Noida.    

North Delhi —The famous Delhi University and its colleges are in this area, and suffice to say, students throng in this area. But, it also houses some who’s who of the Delhi population. The part of the city has an eclectic feel of British India personality, a modern society and a mix of students from across the country, vying for affordable and up-to-date amenities including fiber internet connection, a boon for professionals.  

West Delhi — Known for its Punjabi population, this city is full of colonies, boasting every type of house, for every type of budget. And, of course, you can also expect nothing but the best of everything from the best broadband in Delhi for your home to the best of school, the army cantonment area, and the best retailers setting up shop here. Professionals looking for the best should choose this area.

East Delhi — The newest area of the city, it has several options for houses and apartments, and has now become a hub for commercial activities as well. It has one of the best connectivity to the different areas of Delhi via roads and public transport — perfect for professionals. Don’t for one moment doubt; people here lack anything, as you can choose the fanciest of places to the most affordable ones.  

Satellite towns — The four satellite towns of Delhi — Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Noida, have all emerged as independent cities with facilities, job opportunities and housing at par with the capital. In fact, Gurgaon has become renowned as an IT city, offering its residents world-class facilities which obviously include the highest speed of internet connection — v-fiber broadband, offices of recognizable brands, and modern apartments competing for attention. And, the other three cities are not far behind in becoming best areas for professionals in Delhi to stay in!

As is obvious, each area of Delhi has its own character, and you can choose to work and live anywhere, and be assured of having access to amenities and facilities that are a necessity for modern and comfortable living.

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