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  • 15 Dec 2017
    Roku is a media player and it’s basically a small set-top box with Roku. It streams multiple kinds of content associated and provides the output in an economical manner. It offers several channels and television shows for user satisfaction. Roku ultra is that the classic upgrade of Roku within the market. With the dynamic options and engaging services, the extremist version of Roku has truly improved the streaming quality for all the potential users out there, particularly for those users who have gotten the compatible HDR TV and also the content. Being a new user of Ultra-version, if you get any issue while getting the code, then head on to Roku customer support number, they will help you so that your device can work in a proper way. Having Roku ultra together with your compatible 4K TV could be a treat to stream the treasure of content with the mix of various genres. Being the foremost player in the market, the streaming device has continually got the fine competition from the mighty Apple TV. But, here there are several reasons for the Roku Ultra that truly outshines the Apple TV in a correct approach. Let’s hit the favorable reasons for the Roku ultra outshining the Apple TV. Ultimate 4K SupportRoku extremist truly provides the fine support for 4K and HDR, which implies that you simply can get the ultimate expertise of rich color and wonderful video quality.  More Vigorous Video choice Apple TV offers 1600 channels, whereas the Roku ultra channel numbers are double than the Apple. This directly indicates that you can enjoy the large assortment of channels beneath totally different classes and might select your favorites.  Having the fine Amazon VideoKnowing the channel choice, Roku ultra has the fine Amazon video, whereas the Apple TV lacks the channel on its list. You can simply stream your favorite shows and movies with Amazon Prime Video Subscription. Private ListeningRoku ultra has the earphone jack in its remote with the personal listening on its app and Apple TV remote truly lacks the earphone jack that's what makes Roku ultra special to enjoy personal listening at your device. If you get any tech bug with your Roku ultra version, just contact us at Roku customer care number for expert assistance and instant solutions. We are available 24*7, call us anytime.
    281 Posted by Alex Smith
Technology 657 views May 15, 2018
How To Enroll In Quicken Bill Pay

The Quicken bill pay facility helps you manage the online bill payments efficiently. The best things are that one can login to the “Bill Pay” function without using the Quicken application. All you need is to log in to the Quicken website and manage your bill payments.

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Why is Quicken bill pay popular among users?

Quicken Bill pay is an excellent way to pay your bills, and track the resources used to pay the bills. Here are some of the main highlights of Quicken Bill pay which make outstanding.

  • The Bill pay allows you to pay more than hundreds of institution.
  • For 20 payments with Quicken bill pay, it only charges you with $9.95 monthly
  • It notifies you via email whenever a payment hits up.
  • The Quicken bill pay and Quicken software are interlinked, any payment done by using Bill pay it automatically gets updated on the software.
  • You can set the queue for regular/monthly payments with a fixed amount.
  • You get the in-depth detail of the bill.
  • You can use up to 10 bank accounts for payment.
  • If payment gets late due to any reason, Quicken pays the penalty of $50.


How to Use Quicken Bill Pay?

Using Quicken Bill Pay is a cake-walk, all you need is to enter a check-in account and all your details will be saved for your convenience. Also, it allows you to plan and set up future bill payments, just enter the amount and schedule the bill payment.

How to Setup Quicken Bill Pay Online:

Go to Quicken Bill pay website: after all your information is ready to start. Fill the prompted form and set your bank accounts.

Step to set up Quicken Bill Pay in Quicken?

Steps to set up your Quicken Bill pay in desktop software:

  • Go to the Tools in the menu.
  • Select Quicken Bill Pay.
  • Now tap on Learn about Quicken Bill Pay.


Include the payee for payment.

The payee is someone whom you want to pay using quicken bill pay service. It can be any institution, individual, any utility or payment for any loan.

To make the payment, add the required information for the payee such as bank account, payment address and their basic. This information is saved in Quicken to make future payments faster and easier.

Set up payee:

  • Go to the menu and click Tools and select Online Payee list.
  • Select New.
  • Provide the payee’ name.
  • Enter the address of the payee.
  • Next option prompt you to fill account number.
  • Add phone number of the payee.
  • Check all the information again and click OK.


The payee will be saved in the list so that you can easily send money to them just by adding amount and time.

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If you are unable to setup quicken bill pay account or add a payee to it, you are always welcome to Quicken customer support. The Quicken techies will help you set the details without any hassle. The toll-free numbers are available 24/7 for your assistance. Visit