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Sports 3,325 views Nov 25, 2017
How to rock in FIFA 18 with clever ideas
With FIFA 18 , Electronic Arts has stayed true to its line and has come up with a solid football simulation with a love for details. In the gameplay is especially the dogged two-martial leadership with fifa 18 coins hack, which deliberately slows down the game.




For a good four weeks FIFA 18 now available in stores. Electronic Arts has also omitted this year's edition on drastic changes, which can be argued by the already high quality of the predecessor quite Coin master hack tool. You could build on a strong product and turned a few screws to make the game even more entertaining.

In the gameplay, this is noticeable above all by the deceleration. This takes place over an even more difficult duel-lead, in which the players are hitting their bodies full into each duel and fighting doggedly for the ball. As a result, the control of the actors is somewhat more sedate, but in the end, more realism comes into the game.

Also created by the more intense man-to-man duels new, unpredictable actions, which is why the players on the controllers should always be prepared for rebounds and ricochets. In the penalty area, it is now more often to a sting, in which the one who switches faster, ever can book a cheap goal for themselves.