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3D Adjustable center of attention Fiber Laser Marking computing

This 3D fiber red dot laser pointer equipment enables for industrial laser marking on diverse half geometries. This industrial laser marking computing device is able to performing legitimate and fast laser etching on distinct half geometries.

provides permanent identification and high interpretation


  • wants no consumables
  • in a position to marking metallic at excessive temperatures
  • Marks curved, tilted, multi-level surfaces
  • The quickest industrial world's strongest laser marker in the marketplace - Withstands essentially the most difficult environments IP67 licensed
  • LXQ 3D merits

    Industrial 3D Laser Etching and Marking


    ultimate for marking on non-flat surfaces, the LXQ 3D gives a common 5" depth of focus that promises a tremendous volume of flexibility partly geometry.




    This system is the fastest available on the market because it is in a position to packing an impressive one hundred W air-cooled Q-Switched fiber strongest laser etching laptop.




    The LXQ 3D series, in accordance with Laserax's modular platform, will also be optically configured to an utility with a purpose to attain greater efficiency.




    Developed from industrial grade add-ons and a fiber 2000mw laser pointer capable of offering one hundred,000 hours of MTBF reliability, the products redefine the idea of low preservation.

    Technical necessities LXQ 3D-10 LXQ 3D-20 LXQ 3D-50 LXQ 3D-100 LXQ 3D-200 Performances Nominal laser output power 10 W 20 W 50 W 100 W 200 W Laser wavelength 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm Characters per 2d depends upon application Line velocity is dependent upon utility part measurement From 0.02 adjustable depending on software Marking distance 50 mm to 750 mm advantageous Z-focusing range 25 mm FL=one hundred sixty mm, 70 mm FL=254 mm, 140 mm FL=420 mm Marking container 12 mm X 12 mm to 700 mm X 700 mm Marking of relocating material NO Standalone operation yes Barcoding sure aspects provide voltage one hundred twenty V one hundred twenty240 V energy consumption 350 W 350 W 500 W 650 W 1000 W Dimensions Laser : 19’’ X 19’’ X 7.25’’control : 19’’ X 19’’ X 5.5’’Head : 23’’ X 7’’ X 9’’ * Laser : 19’’ X 26.2’’ X 10.four’’manage : 19’’ X 19’’ X 5.5’’Head : 23’’ X 7’’ X 9’’ * Weight Laser: 17 kgControl: eight kgHead: 12 kg Laser: 41 kgControl: 8 kgHead: 12 kg Environmental details Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °CHumidity: 10% to 90% without condensation Temperature: 10 °C to 50 °C;internal water cooled module: 18 °C to 26 °CHumidity: 10% to ninety% with out condensation communique RS232, Ethernet, USB, Digital enteroutput, encoder signal class insurance policy IP67 IP65

    * The thickness of the laser head can also vary according to lens configuration


    part Traceability


    The LXQ 3D fiber 303 laser pointer etcher series is a versatile laser etching computer developed for simply in time traceability.


    Industrial Marking


    With an industrial laser 303 etching machine that marks a lot of sorts of surface geometry, the LXQ 3D is considered to be the top of the line laser etcher for applications that are challenging.


    by way of fabric


    The LXQ 3D collection works efficiently on most plastics and metals


  • steel
  • Polymer
  • Stainless
  • steel
  • Industries

    The LXQ 3D series, suitable for industrial marking on non-flat surfaces, has been designed for sustaining short cycle time and vicious environments.


    Aluminum trade Laser applications


    clients have now been added to error proof traceability where they can imprint a everlasting heat resistant identifier at once on aluminum without the need for consumables.


    Extrusion industry Laser functions


    The introduction of commercial laser etching programs turns into a necessity due to the growing to be traceability necessities all the way through the aluminum value chain.


    Manufacturing business 10mw laser applications


    even if it is for adding cost to products or reducing costs, lasers are able to offering a huge return on funding in an extensive range of manufacturing functions.

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