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Arts & Culture 345 views Oct 09, 2018
Taking Care of Your First Tattoo

After you get your tattoo, the artist will wrap it up to avoid it being ruined on your way back home. After that, it is up to you to keep it in the best shape. It is best to keep the dressing on for a few hours. But when it is time for you to remove it, you face the challenge of cleaning your tattoo for the first time. Here is a general guide on the cleaning process for the first 1-2 months:

Wash your hands

Before touching your tattoo, always make sure that your hands a clean. Use antibacterial soap and warm water to disinfect it.

Wash with mild products

Use a mild, unscented soap when washing your tattooed area. It is important to avoid using soaps with fragrance or chemicals as this may irritate your tattooed area. Some tattoo artists would recommend a particular cleanser.

Pat dry gently

After washing, take the time to gently pat dry the tattooed area with a clean wash cloth or towel. Never rub your tattooed area dry and do not pick on the skin even if it flakes as this can destroy your tattoo.

Wear sunscreen when you go out

Sunlight can fade the colors of your tattoo so it is best to cover them up or wear sunscreen when you go out. You can learn more about tat-shop here

Mild lotion and ointment

To keep the Tattoo supply ink fresh on your skin, your skin has to be hydrated. Use a mild unscented lotion to avoid dryness. If you feel itchy in the tattooed area, ask your tattoo artist for an ointment that will work for you and your tattoo.

Remember, tattoos heal at the surface layer within the first two weeks and peeling will normally happen during the first week so there is no reason to panic if you are flaking. However, some tattoos may take months to heal completely. Always ask your tattoo artist for product recommendations and instructions on how to take care of your tattoo.

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  • 11 Nov 2017
    Socializing has never been easier in today’s time. Different applications have been developed with the sole purpose of meeting new people and expanding your network. There are even applications which can be downloaded from UC Mini used to find potential romantic relationship. Most of us are familiar with big names such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, there are several underrated social media applications you should also give a shot. There’s no harm in trying them and maybe it’s where you’ll meet that special someone (but then again, maybe not).   LinkedIn. Although this app isn’t really that unknown, it is widely used by businessmen and those in a career. However, this is a great app to use to create a network of people you might potentially work for. Users can also browse for job openings, company profiles, and read insightful articles posted by other users. What better way to use a social app than to use it to give your career a head start?     Slideshare. This social media platform is not only good for interacting with people but is also useful in finding informative contents. This app is basically a PowerPoint sharing platform where users can upload presentations on different topics. Rather than uploading your latest selfie or seeing someone’s meal on your feed, why not read up on different topics instead? Socializing and learning new things along the way.   Tumblr. A blog-type of social networking app. Tumblr has been around for a while but has not been a household name like Facebook and Twitter. Users of this app can post pictures, stories, and other visual content. Users are able to re-blog, comment, and like the posts of those they are following. Tumblr is usually where you find interesting contents like fan theories, movie related posts, fans spazzing on their idols, and etc.     Reddit. An app that is almost similar to Tumblr. This social app also lets users post various content of stories, pictures, and videos. Reddit has become extremely popular to those looking for a smart conversation as this app usually posts topics on relevant news and the user’s take on current events. Users of this app also post short stories that are interesting to read on your spare time. Reddit is also becoming one of the social sites on the rise.   Periscope. If you want to broadcast a live video and be able to connect to those who are following you, then this app is definitely for you. Users can get notifications from those they are following to know when they are live. This app has an interactive feature for those broadcasting and watching. This application is actually owned by Twitter.
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  • 04 Jun 2018
    Being able to be fashionable is something that most women, if not all, wants to achieve at least once in their life. They want to be trendy, at ease and at the very least, they want to be able to see things for what they are and look gorgeous all the same. However, for our Muslim women, they can’t always wear what is in trend especially if the outfits in trend would show parts of their body or reveal their skin. This is why abaya is created for them to wear and cover their body except their hands, feet and their face. Along with wearing the abaya, they also wear a face cover just to make sure that they are very well protected from anything. On the other hand, the abaya is a pretty nice outfit. It just stands out quite right and make you want to try it even just once. So, how will women who wears abaya become more fascinating to look at, more beautiful, more gorgeous? The tips to achieve that are below.  Keep it simple One of the first best things that you can do in order to achieve the beauty that you want even when wearing something that covers all of you is simply: keep it simple. Well, there are a lot of abaya out there that just have designs that are too much for the eyes, that are quite tiring to look at. However, if you keep it simple and wear a simple abaya, whose design are just right or a plain one, you would look a whole lot better than the over decorated ones. Focus on what you can showcase: your abaya, and make sure to keep it as simple as possible. Go ahead and do the things that you want and be careful on mix and matching it. offers some in-depth insights on burka buy online. Make it work In the case that you are not able to find a simple abaya and you only found one that is outrageously filled with patterns or design, you really can’t do anything else about that but to make it work. Be confident and just strut it around. No one should make you feel that it does not fit you. What matters the most is that you feel okay with it yourself. It matters that you are actually okay with it all in all. So go ahead and just wear it and know it.
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  • 13 Nov 2017
    There are so many ways in which you can tell who you are to the world, the way you can introduce yourself depending on how you want people to perceive you. For example, you will do something different such as dressing up yourself completely formal if you are going to a special function or going to an interview. There is something that simple dressing up can do and you should consider this if you want to have the best first impression on someone you want to meet. Now, nothing is going to be easy as just dressing up, most of the time, you also need to submit these kinds of things just in case. Life may not always be that easy but if you think that getting an impression that is good and remarkable, one of the best thing you can do is just be yourself. Who cares who you are going to impress, who cares who you are going to meet, sometimes you just need to understand, they are important but do not forget that you are just as important as they are. Never let anyone make you feel inferior of other people because you are the best you can ever become. When you watch movies online on putlocker, you will realize just how important first impressions are and how they can help you in getting in the good side of someone. Now, with that said an impression can last for a lifetime so it is the way you introduce yourself that most people will judge you. Another way to be the best you can be when you finally introduce yourself is to make sure that you have the gist of your speech all memorized. You might choose to just suck it all in and conform to the social norms of introduction, holding your hand out and try to be as natural as you can be. However if that is not the case for you, you can always do something different that will leave a mark on the person you are getting to know, something that will make that person feel that you are more than excited to get to know her, that you are more than pleased to get to be her acquaintance because that is just the way people works, that is just the way people wants to do something great. Go for the things that distinguishes you with other people when making that introduction, to focus on the differences than the similarities.
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  • 29 May 2018
    Individuals suffering from blood diseases have their own unique stories behind the condition. It could be something they have had since birth, a condition they acquired due to their poor lifestyle or other causes that led them to dealing with such health problem. A blood disease could mean that there is a problem with your while blood cells, red blood cells or the platelets that are crucial for clot formation. These types of blood cells are formed in the bone marrow, a soft tissue located inside the bones. White blood cells help the body fight against inspections. Red blood cells are important to transport oxygen to the tissues and organs of the body. Any problem or disorder with your blood cells can impair the function and formation of any or all of these blood cell types. How do You Know you Have Blood Cell Disorders? For every patient, the story behind the condition varies. Symptoms are also different, depending on the type of the disorder. Some of the most common symptoms of disorder in your red blood cells include: a fast heartbeat, fatigue, trouble concentrating due to the lack of blood with oxygen in the brain, shortness of breath, muscle weakness. has various tutorials related to دكتور جلدية وتناسلية. The following may also indicate that you have white blood cell disorders: sudden and unexplained loss of weight feeling sick or malaise fatigue chronic infections In case you are suffering from the following symptoms, it could be an indication of platelet disorders: blood that does not clot after a cut or injury unexplained gum bleeding or nosebleeds sores or cuts that do are slow to heal or do not heal skin the easily get bruises Make sure that you are aware of your condition. If you notice any of these symptoms in your body, go to your doctor immediately. This could be an indication of more severe blood diseases.
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  • 24 May 2018
    3-methylmethcathinone which is more commonly known as 3mmc is one of the designer drugs that have been coming on more popular nowadays. This is because it has been said to help a lot of people in terms of coping up with life. After all, everyone needs a little bit of help from time to time and this could be one solution to that. Maybe it is going to be a good thing to somehow find a way to deal with life in a better term instead of stressing over the millions of problems in there. Here are some ways in which 3mmc is said to be of help. Increased energy Have you ever thought about the things that you do in a day? Do they not make you too tired to even do anything more? How are you coping with your nine to five job? Do you even make it home awake and filled with energy so you can bond with your friends or your family right after it? Well, worry no more because 3mmc is known to help down the hole of not having enough energy. It helps in increasing your energy so that you would have enough to get through. With this, you can now be ensured that you will get to spend more time with the ones you love the most in this life. has more information on the schengenlab. Less sleep needed Want to sleep but do not have the time to find a way or place to do so? Worried about oversleeping and not being able to arrive at your office on time? Spent a night just having fun but have the next day on an early shift? You do not have to stress out anymore with 3mmc as it will help you to need only less sleep to go through your day but does not lessen the energy you have, instead gives you a boost to go through things.
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  • 13 Nov 2017
    Bitcoin is the hottest virtual banking currency to date and people have been investing in bitcoin cloud mining services in order to raise the value of their bitcoin. Here are the basics that you need to know before you decide to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon.   What is it? As mentioned earlier, it is an electronic, virtual currency also known as “cryptocurrency.” It is created by mathematical computations and guarded by millions of computer users who do cloud mining. In essence, bitcoins are electricity that are converted into strings of code that have a monetary equivalent.     How does it work? Bitcoins are essentially virtual coins that are self-contained for their value. There is no need to store them in banks. Once you own a bitcoin, it will be like owning a physical gold coin that you can trade like trading gold nuggets. You have the choice to use your bitcoins to buy things online or to hide them and hope that their value will increase over the years. The bitcoins are traded from one “wallet” to another. The bitcoin wallet is a small database that you can store on your phone, tablet, computer, or cloud.   Are there regulations you should be aware of? Bitcoin is unregulated and decentralized. The currency is self-contained and uncollateral. In the process of cloud mining, people contribute their personal computers to the bitcoin network. They are known as “miners” and act as ledger keepers and auditors for bitcoin transactions. People also do bitcoin cloud mining as they get to be paid with bitcoins for every week they contribute to the network.     Is it secure? Bitcoins are generally safe as they can be tracked but just like when you own a nugget of cold, you will have to take the necessary precautions to keep you bitcoins safe from hackers. A bitcoins has a simple data ledger file in them that is called a “blockchain” and each blockchain is unique for each user’s wallet. It always helps to have a failsafe copy of your wallet. Every time you send or receive bitcoins, a .dat file is updated in your wallet. The .dat file should be stored and copied every time you do bitcoin transactions.   Now that you learned the basics, why not give this popular cryptocurrency a try? The fact that a bitcoin can double or triple its value in a few years’ time makes it a proper long-term investment.
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  • 23 Feb 2018
    Travel is in your blood, the wanderlust in you will make sure that you want to get your feet out of where you are now and then move on to that place. The thing is that people loves to travel but no everyone has the money to do so. This is why if you are any good in games, and you have the right amount of dedication and extra time to spare, excluding your work hours, you can earn some extra cash to add for your travel money by performing lol boost, by being a booster and working as one. You might as well put your skills into good use and this could be your time to shine. You can just give vital-eloboost a thought and see if it sits well with you and if you think you are ready for it. Here is what you will do if you try out to be a booster. Apply on a site First things first would be to apply for a site that offers boosting services unless you want to just start your own site. This would help you to setup those that you need to work on and have people who can drive you the right way in case that you want to do that. Rank up for other players Another thing to do would be to rank up for other players, which is basically what a booster does, get the account of other people, get its ranking up and then give the account back and get paid for it. Just imagine the amount of money that you will be able to make and the places that you can go to once you have saved up enough to travel far and travel with style.
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  • 12 Dec 2017
    We cannot help but be amazed at the mystery of a seed. The seed has the spark of life that makes it possible for a new plant to grow. Equally amazing are the curious ways plants have of scattering their seeds. Some seeds are scattered by the wind. These seeds have part that serve like wings, parachutes, or balloons. The dust like seeds of orchids are the smallest seeds. Because of their smallness and lightness, it is believed that the wind carries them long distances, even if they have no wings, balloons, or parachutes. Just like our music industry today, I believe the journey of music have gone too far from the first time until today. Seeds represents the journey of our music today. Mostly of today's music promotion sites led every artists to venture a journey in which human kind can never imagine. Best music blogs for independent artist have gone too far just to scattered the most unusual way of introducing music to society. The unique approach of music in our lives pushes everyone to enjoy and create a portal to gain more knowledge and understanding about music that is why music video blogs are created. It use the scattering of music in today's generation are mostly the same how seed scattered, it comes from everywhere. some seeds are scattered by water. These seeds are lighter than water so they can be carried to far away places by rivers, streams, or sea waves. Air chambers help keep some of these seeds afloat. Some seeds that scattered by the wind fall into the water and carried away to distant places. If these seeds take root in suitable places, they may develop into new plants. This is how our music today are going. One example for this is the music video promotion it is never too easy to promote a music video it takes suitable places to come up with a good results. That is why many people ask the same question today on how to promote a music video. But honestly music video promotion is like scattering a seed it needs all elements to scattered and fall to the right place. Some plants scatter their own seeds. The fruit of these plants crack or split and twist when fully dry. The seeds are then shot away from the parent plant, sometimes to long distances. See how unique plants scattered their seeds just to propagate. If our music industry today is like this seeds it could be easier to us for the indie music blog submission and music video promotion to take part in any music promotion sites. It is so amazing to see the music industry propagate everywhere in the world. The unique way of how seeds scattered to produce more plants are far amazing when humanity learn to use this feature for the music industry to develop and improve more about music from different parts of the world. It doesn't matter how you do it but what matter is the journey of our music to last a lifetime.
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  • 16 Nov 2017
    Poker may not be a physical sport that you must prep for but your mind must be in the right condition in order for you to stay focused on the game. The more focused you are, the more chances of the odds being on your side. Here are some things you can do before your poker night to help you bring your a-game to the poker table.   Get enough sleep What you do away from the poker table can also affect the way you play once you sit on one. When you are fully rested, your mind is clearer and you are able to think rationally. Your strategies will come clearer and faster to you during your gameplay and you will not have to spend more time creasing your brow, which your opponent may take as a sign that they should call you on your bluff. Also, getting enough hours of sleep makes you less irritable and more patient. This means that in times when your strategies did not work, you will be able to deal with the loss with a cooler head.    Clear out your head Being in the right state of mind once you sit down to play poker is an advantage. You have to learn to leave behind your work frustrations, financial problems, or family arguments. Some serious poker players actually meditate before they start playing to help them have a clear and positive mindset. If you are not into meditation, you can also get a massage before your next alternatif poker99 game. A massage is a great way to relieve physical and mental stress.    Be financially prepared Make sure you have the right bankroll for the poker games you want to play. Your bankroll must consist of money that you set aside simply for poker playing. Money for your everyday expenses and personal savings must not go into your bankroll. This way, even if you suffered a great loss, your savings and budget for your everyday needs will not be affected. Knowing that the risk of loss will not greatly affect your daily life will give you a sense of confidence as well as you place your bets. It also helps that you do not place the whole bankroll in one game. You have to leave some to keep on playing. Worrying about being broke while playing poker will just take your focus out of the game.   Exude confidence Nothing can make your opponents wonder what your strategy is when you are confident. But you have to take note that being confident is different from being cocky. Confidence gives the impression to other players that you are experienced in the game and will make them hesitate before they start bluffing. A confident rival will make them doubt their own capability and you immediately have an advantage over them when it comes to having a clear mindset. Being confident will greatly affect your mood as well. Learn which games are right for you. Sit with players you consider weaker compared to you. If you feel like a winner, you will be a winner.   Bringing your a-game to the poker tables is one of the most important keys to success. You have to be physically and mentally prepared to play no matter what the stakes are. If you want to succeed at alternatif poker99, then these tips can help you play better. If you are able to bring your best game to the table all the time, you will surely earn a lot more money than what you usually win. For a good poker game, get rid of financial barriers, worrying thoughts, and insecurity. You will soon achieve the results that you want.
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  • 15 Nov 2017
    There are a lot of people that use health supplements. These supplements can have a lot of varying effects when it comes to the human body. Most of the time health supplements can help strengthen the resistance of a person. They don’t necessarily get sick right away or help them have some preventive measures against other diseases. There are also those health supplements where they can help a person in terms of their look. Just like those that help manage the weight or change the skin color and others. Health supplements have their many uses but for now lets focus on cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a substance that is taken from cannabis. Cannabis is of course a family of plants with the common example being marijuana. Don’t worry as it is safe to cannabidiol (cbd) buy and other products from it. You maybe wondering why you should buy and use these products? First of all you’re not really required to do so but think of it as a good alternative for health supplements. There are a lot of health benefits from cannabidiol so here are just a few reasons as to why you should use it. One of the alluring things about cananbidiol products is that they have the potential to lessen the chances of one getting cancer. That is a strong selling point there but another use would be for psychological or mental stability. It helps stimulate the brain to help relax it in some cases. It is also good for the nerves with problems like epilepsy and other illnesses regarding that area. It can also help alleviate some skin diseases. Just like applying cannabidiol oil on the skin that has psoriasis and others.   It also helps the lesser problems like body pains and inflammations. Knowing these benefits, you maybe inclined to use them now. Just remember that some of these are just supplements. Not a lot of them are medical reliefs so keep that in mind. Be sure as well to bu from safe and secured sellers so that you won’t have any problems. Then follow the instructions to make sure that you’re using them right and you won’t have any problems when it comes to side effects and others. Try to use cannabidiol today to see and get the results that you are aspiring to get in the long run for your body.
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