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Technology 1,783 views Feb 26, 2018
Best App To Download Android Apk Files Using 9Apps

It’s the time for the competition. Be it innovative applications fighting to be at the peaks or more competitive Application Stores competing to reach more and more users with these apps, the war is cold. Gone are the days when Google Play used to be the only place where you could search for android apps. With the increase in the number of applications and users of the android app, there’ve been quite a few names that claim to be tough competitors to the Play store. Although a large number of them turn out to be fake or Trojans or the ones providing these Trojans for accessing users personal data, there is some genuine alternative too. One such popular name is 9Apps.

9Apps Apk Download – Genuine Alternative for Google Playstore!

As more and more developers are turning towards working on the Android platform, every day is coming up with a new innovative app or another intelligent version of any existing app. With the growing demand and availability of these apps, Google Play store is somewhat losing its grip in managing them and exhibiting the ones that the users are looking for. As a result, Application Stores like 9Apps are coming forward as possible alternatives. With some additional features and a few improvements in the performance, 9Apps has gain itself some decent popularity in the market.

9Apps APK serves as an efficient independent marketplace for Android applications as unlike many other similar apps, it is genuine and provides a platform for both developers as well as users to upload and download different applications. If you have an android device running Android 2.3 or higher, you can enjoy a smooth experience exploring various Android apps all at one place. So let us see what great features 9Apps has that make it a good Play store alternative:

  • The most important feature that keeps 9Apps among the best possible alternative for the Google Play store is the genuineness of the app. While there are some malicious apps out there that may serve as Trojan to steal important user data, 9Apps is an actual application store for users to explore the applications available in the market
  • Another feature that users admire about 9Apps download is its easy-to-operate interface. Be it a techie developer or a simple user, anyone can use the app to exhibit as well as download the various Android applications without much hassle.
  • 9Apps is a lighter application than Play store, which makes it more space efficient as well as better performing.
  • 9Apps is can be used by all versions of android. However, for a glitch-free experience, it is recommended to use them in devices running android 2.1 or higher.
  • Similar to Google Play store, 9Apps also picks the hot apps for the ease of the users.
  • 9Apps has a huge range of over 200k free applications, games, and wallpapers waiting to be explored by the users.
  • If you’re a premium user, then you can upload your apps too for selling them to the users
  • Unlike Play store, 9Apps lets you download the .apk file so that you do not need to download the app again and again
  • If there’s a paid app on Google Play store, 9Apps probably has its free alternative with some additional features
  • Being lighter than Playstore, 9Apps provides you better performance and speed even over a slower internet connection. So no more long waits for the apps to get installed on your device

The installation process for 9Apps is rather simple. Let us look at the steps:

  1. You need to download the 9Apps APK file on your device from
  2. Once the download is complete, just install it on your Android device
  3. After installing you can easily launch the device and explore a surprising range of Android Applications, games, wallpapers, ringtones etc. waiting for you free of cost.

9Apps app is currently the best alternative for Google Play store that serves genuine applications free of costs with a better performance. The fan base for the app is growing each day and it seems to be just a matter of time when it gains popularity enough to grab the attention of the users more than the Play store ever could. So, download the app today or visit the website and enjoy exploring numerous applications, games, and wallpapers waiting for you free of cost.