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Sports 293 views Apr 24, 2018

On October 11, the new Fifa Mobile Hack 2018 arrived on our smartphones. The classic football game that we are so passionate about the great fans of the ball. This year is really loaded with interesting news and many features. That's why, so that you do not miss any of it and start playing with a good foot, we bring you some of the best and most interesting Fifa Mobile tricks.

In this new Fifa Mobile, we will have the opportunity to play in Attack Mode, Season Mode, Live Events and Leagues. The Attack Mode is, precisely, one of the great novelties of this year. It is about playing a game in turns of 75 seconds each. Before each game, you have to choose the strategy. The goal will be to score the maximum number of goals possible in each half of the match. Goals with which we will get coins and more followers to climb positions in the general classification.

Fifa Mobile tricks: player passes and direction

As you all know, the game has a series of virtual controls. However, you can also give passes by sliding your finger across the screen. If your phone has a small screen, one of the best Fifa Mobile tricks is that you slip your finger to give the passes before using the controls. The risk of making mistakes with the buttons will be much greater than if your screen is something bigger. The passes, as far as possible, must always be short to get better to the opposite area.

If we decide to use the buttons, we must pay attention especially to the blue arrow of the players and the direction that they mark. On many occasions, we believe that this arrow indicates the direction in which the player is running. However, it is not like that. This arrow points rather to where we are moving the command. So, it will be towards that place where the ball will go when passing or shooting on goal.

There is a series of Fifa Mobile hack and cheats that you always have to take into account each year. On the one hand, it is better to choose players who have an assessment of their team inferior to ours to have more options to win. As we said before, you have to choose short passes to get to the area. It is much more advisable to make long passes or shoot goal from very far away. Already within the area, cross passes are very practical to deceive rival defenses. It's even interesting to have good ends in our team to execute those passes from the wings.

Fifa Mobile tricks: dribble and defend

Knowing how to bargain is fundamental in this type of games. One of the best Fifa Mobile tricks to haggle is to change the pace to get out of the dribble. That is, at the time of bargaining the opponent must be given the button to run out to leave behind the defender. Before a game, take a look at the players who have high dribbling ability. They will have more resources for this and can make hats, roulettes and other special dribbles.

If you have to defend, it is better to position yourself close to the player who carries the ball before entering with the foot. On the one hand, we avoid committing a foul, while on the other hand, we block the possibility of shooting or passing. In addition, we will be in a better position to steal the ball in speed and go out on the counterattack.

Fifa Mobile tricks: buy players and earn money

We already told you earlier that the Attack Mode is one of the novelties of this year. Precisely, at the beginning of the game will be the only way we can play. Season Mode does not start until we reach level 8. For this reason, it is not necessary to spend money on defenses at the beginning, since in Attack Mode it is not defended. The idea is to look for players with a direct purchase price. Especially because the money we spend on a bid by a player will disappear even if we do not win it.

In this sense, one of the Fifa Mobile tricks to follow is not to spend money on a big star. It is best to buy many players with a high level in each position. These would be with a valuation level of at least 70 and with a price of between for coins and points FIFA mobile 800 and 1,000 coins. It is better to have a balance in the team than not to have a single star and the rest of the players lower level.

Finally, if you want to get free coins you can play live events, play the Attack Mode to earn money quickly, control the market every day, level up and play Season Mode. So you can continue spending hours and hours of fun with one of the best Android football games.