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Technology 1,474 views Dec 23, 2017
Yahoo Mail Notifications Not working on Android – Fix It Here

While using Yahoo mail, the problems you generally encounter are not really that regressive. Somehow or the other, you end up sorting out the issue, without having to face too many delays.

Despite the many advanced features incorporated into Yahoo mail, avoiding the technical issues is not really possible. In fact, most of the users are now facing odd -problems with the Yahoo app that is installed on an Android smartphone.

When you do encounter something like -Yahoo mail notifications not working on Android, it does affect the normal routine, to an extent. Other than trying to get the issue fixed, it seems you don’t really have much of an option.

The Possible Solutions to Get the Issue Fixed

1. Disable Phone Verification – If you are using phone verification, then make sure to immediately disable it. In addition to these, you must also change or reset the password of your yahoo mail on your PC. Once it is done, sign-into the Yahoo mail app on your Android using the new password.

When it is done, you will start to get notification alerts on the Android device.

2. Update the Yahoo app – Normally, when the Yahoo app you are using on the device is not updated, it surely restricts you from getting the notification alerts. For a change, try and see to it the app is updated. You can also uninstall and re-install the app, which might also help.

3. Clear Cache from the app – You must also make it a point to clear the cache, for which you need to go to the settings. When you are done cleaning the caches, refresh the app and this will eventually work.

The tricks or tips suggested above are clearly designed to provide you with a progressive solution to get the issue fixed. In most cases, you will succeed, which is always beneficial, under the circumstances.

Other than these, there are other technical issues, which completely makes it impossible for you to access the account. The nature of the problems are a bit technical in nature and hence fixing the same is not going to be easy. Since you are not in a position to resolve the issue, it is recommended to seek the help of the experts. Under the circumstances, it does make sense to use the toll-free Yahoo customer care number.

By all accounts, the main objective is to locate a possible solution, which will eventually assist you to reclaim the account. On that front, you can avail the services of experts and this really helps.


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