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Why buy Memo Pads?

Memo pads come in different forms such as with sticky notes and custom leather pad holder. Memo pads are very useful for office employees and at home also. You can jot down your daily happenings and important reminders.

Sticky notes and leather pads come in different sizes and styles to suit individual needs. For business purpose, memo pads can be distributed among employees to pen down work-related notes.

You can buy online sticky notes to distribute them to your employees or business partners. It is also a great way to promote your business. You can buy bulk sticky notes and give them as a freebie to your customers as well.

You can get custom leather pad holder as a promotional product for your business. These custom leather pad holders can be given away to loyal customers and employees. Your logo will catch the eye of the users whenever they will use these promotional products.


Different Types of Memo Pads

You can buy bulk sticky notes and custom leather pad holder based on your requirement. When you buy memo pads merchandise from wholesale dealers you can explain your needs. Based on your requirement you can get-

  • The number of sheets: You can buy online sticky notes and memo pads with more or less sheet quantity. It is advisable to ask for sticky notes with lesser sheets. You can thus distribute sticky notes on a regular basis with something new to offer. 
  • The different sizes: You can buy memo pads and sticky notes of different sizes for different purposes. There are compact pads which can be kept in your pocket. A slightly larger size can be kept on your office table and also in your handbags. Larger sized memo pads can be taken along while traveling and gives more writing space.
  • The material of the cover: The types of material used on the memo pads cover also vary. Some covers are made from durable paper bound material with cardboard backing. Many covers are made from recycled paper products. And you will also find leather made covers on memo pads.
  • Customized memo pads: You can get custom leather pad holders and memo pads on special order. You can get your business logo imprinted on custom leather pad holders. The size, material of the cover and the number of sheets in customized memo pads will be of your choice.

Buy Sticky Notes in Bulk online

Memo pads can be used for different purposes by different people. The sticky notes can easily be attached to the refrigerators at home or notice boards in the office etc. Because sticky notes are easy to use you can use them to promote your business. Buying sticky notes in bulk is easily affordable for any small business as well.

Take the first step towards promoting your business by getting custom leather pad holders to be distributed. These inexpensive promotional items will be appreciated by all your customers and employees.

To place the order for sticky notes online contact Studio D Merchandise.