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Business 379 views Jan 03, 2018
Best Tips on Selling a Used Car

Here are some quick tips to follow when you want to sell junk cars or sell used cars.


Make your car look awesome:

Either set aside the opportunity to wipe it and keep it clean for the duration of the time you're trying to sell used car. Even if you want to sell junk cars, a little cleaning up won’t hurt. If you don’t want to do it yourself, get your car done at a service centre. Like selling a house, first impression is everything and will enable you to get some additional cash for your car.



Set a reasonable price for your car. Do some examination on car deals sites to understand the market – an overrated car will put potential buyers off. List any additional items your car has to make sure it isn't neglected by potential buyers. When you sell junk car, your price should be set accordingly. But, if you sell used car, it can be higher than the junk car.


Decide where to advertise:

This is extremely important. Simply advertising on the web these days is cheap and to do, however you need to be careful. Do not list your phone number or you’ll get all sorts of trick calls. Regardless of where you advertise your car, do be careful about the information you put in your promotion, and definitely exclude your home address. Also as said in tip number two, do list any additional items your car has.


Get your paperwork in order:

Make sure you’ve had your car recently serviced and that any minor faults have been fixed before you list to sell used car. If you haven’t, make sure you inform potential buyers of any faults the car has that you’re not prepared to have fixed – you’ll probably have to adjust the price down. Make sure the car has registration on it before selling, because that makes them more attractive to a buyer. Again, be honest about the amount of registration remaining when asked.



Ensure that you have the owner’s manual, log book and service records, prepared for a buyer to examine. If you've just spent on new tires, or will sell it with driving lights or a bullbar (on account of a 4WD) ensure you include every one of your receipts. These things may not be as important if you want to sell junk car.


The test drive:

Check a potential buyer's driver's permit before giving them a chance to get in the driver's seat of your car. What's more, never, ever give them a chance to drive it without you in the car. Also, check with your insurance agency to whether a potential buyer is covered in the occasion you have a mishap while on the 'test drive'.



Once you’ve agreed on a price and the buyer has committed to buying the car from you, then provide them with a receipt stating the car is being ‘sold as seen’, and make sure you keep a signed copy for yourself.


Remember when you sell junk car or sell used car, do not hand over the car until you receive the payment in full. But if you want to avoid all this hassle, simply sell to places that buy junk cars for top dollar. Now, there are so many places that buy junk car all over USA, you just need to find the right one. Click here to sell used car instantly.