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Spirituality 153 views Jun 29, 2018
Buy Original Rudraksha Beads From Reputed Online Stores At The

When you come across spiritual items which are known for their ability to bring peace, prosperity and luck to the owner, you simply cannot miss out on buying the powerful Rudraksha bead. It is a very powerful spiritual item, one that can bring enormous elevation in life through its ability to heal, protect, shield and guide the wearer into the right path in life.

Spiritual Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha Beads

According to ancient scriptures, the Rudraksha tree came from the tears of Lord Shiva, when they fell on earth. Hence wearing them will bring you closer to him and heal your soul. You will find Rudraksha beads available in various mukhis or facets. Seeds have mukhis or facets that range from one to twenty one. Rare seeds have 22 to 27 facets but these are expensive.

Buy Original Rudraksha

Buy Original Rudraksha

The most commonly used one is the five mukhi Rudraksha, which can be worn in the form of a mala, bracelet or ring. Each type of mukhi or facet carries with it certain spiritual benefits, based on which it is selected. Here is a look at the spiritual benefits of wearing a Rudraksha bead:

  • It eliminates all negative karma and takes you into the path of growth and liberation
  • It eliminates stress, worry and other negative influences on the mind, making it calm so that it is capable of doing meditation and japa
  • It brings clarity to the mind and increases the power of intuition and concentration
  • It is available in various mukhis or facets you can opt for one that is in alignment with your spiritual goals
  • They have proven scientifically to bring about any spiritual benefits
  • Those who are affected by negative planetary problems will find such problems being negated by wearing a Rudraksha bead
  • When doing japas, the beads offer an effective way for chanting and realizing one’s spiritual energy 

Now you can buy original Rudraksha beads from online stores. They sell it in various facets from which you can find what is available for your needs. Those sourced from Nepal and Indonesia is of high quality and they are available in the form of individual beads, rings, bracelets and japa malas.

It should be noted that the Rudraksha should be work at all time, even when bathing. However, when you are taking a bath, take care not to use hot water and soap as they can ruin the seed’s exteriors. They can be cast into silver or gold caps and worn in the form of a pendant or bracelet.