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  • 31 Aug 2017
    Living in advanced times, most of us are familiar with terms like ‘photo filter,' filter copy, etc. However, how sardonic it might be, seldom do we know about things that benefit us. Such is the sad reality of the modern life. Water filters, are and should be an essential part of everyone’s lives. In its vaguest and easiest form, a water filter is any set of instruments that purify or filter the water of any impurities. In the scientific jargon, best water filters remove impurities by decreasing contamination of water by making use of a partially permeable barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. Water filters clean water for different objectives, such as providing water for agricultural purposes, sanitation, drinking and providing hygienic water for public ponds and swimming pools. Filters tend to use methods such as sieving, adsorption or ion exchanges to filter the water. Various types of water filters are commonly used across the globe. Some of them are discussed below. Point-of-use filters: are primarily used for small scale domestic consumption, and they are considered the best water filter purifiers. They make use of granular-activated carbon filters (GAC), carbon block resin (CBR), microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes. Some of the filters use a multi-barrier system, making use of more than one filtration method. The most prevalent misconception that the population has is that a water filter can only be attached to a sink, however, in recent times, cooking utensils, such as kettles and jugs come with a purifier water system. Portable Water Filters: are become increasingly popular among travelers and students. Also, they are often used by hikers, climbers, humanitarian aid organizations and lastly, the military. They are small portable, easy-to-pack bottles that are in fact, a mini purifier water filter. These bottles purifier water filters clean the water either by a mechanical pump or some make use of the syphon technology. The unhygienic water is injected via a screen-filtered moldable silicon tube through a differentiated filter, ending up in a receptacle. These filters work to cleanse the water of bacteria and other biological or chemical substances that can cause water diseases. The filter may or may not have fine tubes or mashes that need to be replaced after a certain time period-usually six months- to be used for relatively long time duration. Water Purification Systems Many people confuse the term water polishing with water filtration. Water polishing refers to any process that removes microscopic particles or dissolved materials from the water, hence, making water filtration a constituent of water polishing. Many times, as witnessed by history, corporations (small or multinational) fish for innovative ways of accumulating wealth. At times, they play with the lives of millions of innocent people. Therefore people should be careful and investigate before consuming water from water filtration plants. For this purpose, government agencies have been set-up all across the country, which monitors the best water filter purifiers. The consumers, before making a water bottle purchase, or before splashing water in the local swimming pool, the public should ensure that the water fulfills the government’s cleanliness and safety criteria.
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Family & Home 66 views Jul 05, 2017
Unlimited pure water from home? Is this a reality?

Since moving to Dubai back in 2001, I was looking for a solution, as opening my tap and getting hot water all year long wasn't fun... not to mention the smell and the taste. After many years of researches and development we finally made it happens! Now our family use waterclub all day long, its our new family friend! Your tap water is clean and safe, yes, you read me... Get a Waterclub and see how we can make your tap water taste and smell better.

WaterClub is a philosophy, its a way of being green and standing against the waste of pet plastic bottle that are making our trashes full and our beaches dirty (the sea too)!

UAE is among the highest per capita consumers of bottled water in the world!!

80% of water bottles are not recycled!

Price of bottled water are 1000 times the cost of tap water Pure Water should be accessible with an affordable price to everyone, unfortunately smell, taste can vary in the water and people are breaking the bank to get premium bottled water brand.

Time to change

Waterclub is filtering your tap water and get you the same result & provide you Unlimited Cold  4°, hot up to 98° water without breaking the bank!

The WaterClub simply connects to your home water supply and filters your water using a multi-stage filtration system. WaterClub then boils and chills the water, maintaining its temperature and quality, meaning that water for hot and cold drinks  is ready instantly. The WaterClub home water cooler is very energy efficient costing just a few cents per day to run. Its uses are endless.

The WaterClub is controlled by a simple-to-use touch screen panel. You simply press the icon representing boiling, chilled and ambient water and the WaterClub instantly dispenses the water of your choice. The touch screen panel shows you what the WaterClub is doing, and also allows you to control the menu system, timers, child lock and temperatures of the water. What We Need & What You Get.

The processes your tap water undergoes in WaterClub are similar to those undertaken by the best water bottling companies – we’ve simply miniaturized it and added the convenience of chilled and boiling water.

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