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  • 04 Jul 2017
    Sometimes user deactivates their MSN account due to some reason and wants to reactivate your MSN account to regain the access. With these provided steps If the user had deactivated their MSN account and now again wants to reactivate it then it can be done by just following some of the steps that are made for it. The users can simply follow these steps and can get back the access to their deactivated MSN account. Mentioned below are the steps to reactivate MSN account First of all the customers need to visit the MSN password assistance page. Then the user is required to select on I'm having other problems signing in. there the users need to mention their deleted MSN email address. Once the email address is entered select on continue and proceed further. Now you are required to enter their old password in the specified field. Now you should remember to enter their most recent MSN account password. Click on continue. After the password is entered the users will go to a page that will show the users that their account has been deleted. On this page the users will get a link to the recovery form. Select on submit a recovery request. If the users don't get this link then it is quite possible that their account has been permanently deleted. Then you need to finish the verification process. It will verify all the answers to make sure that the users are the original users of that account. The verification process will be done by entering an alternate email address, answering some of the questions related to that particular account and many more. Then the customer will get an email on that alternate email. Select on that link and create a new password. Lastly, sign in to that MSN account with the new password. Therefore, these are the steps that the users need to follow to reactivate their MSN account. On the other hand the users can also contact on theMSN Technical Support Number and can get in touch with the concerned technicians who are available for the users. These steps are the most useful in the terms of fixation of your MSN account. Follow the provided steps to get access again to your MSN account and if having any issue regarding Hotmail account then dial Hotmail Technical Support Number for instant help.  
    56 Posted by andy rose
Technology 69 views Jun 30, 2017
Explore the Latest “Smart Reply Feature” on Gmail for Android a

The Google CEO Mr. Sunder Pichai, officially announce one of most unbelievable feature in Gmail called “Smart Reply Feature”. Firstly this was available in English language then in Spanish for all kind of Android and iOS Apps of Gmail. This feature was first seen on Inbox by Gmail and on Google Allo. With the help of this feature, user can easily scan all incoming messages and respond according to it.

This Smart Reply Feature of Gmail works by the help of Neural Network. Before understandings of its working we have understand first what Neural Network is? Actually Neural Network is computational model which is used in computer science, machine learning and other research discipline. It is a large connection of connected simple units called Artificial Neurons. In other word if we say, it is a system of hardware and software which patterned after the operation of neurons in human brain.

So as discussed above, this works through Neural Network which analyze the messages and after that it converts then into numerical codes which represent their meaning. The Smart Reply Feature based on three responses:

  • First it analyzing the text
  • Then converting into numerical codes
  • Or finally it generates suitable replies so that everyone can understand

Through this you can easily edit Smart reply before sending the messages because Google using Machine Learning feature which customize the response according to your usage. The Smart Reply Feature helps you to understand the emails in your inbox and suggests you best and suitable replies. Today, approx 1 billions of users take the advantage of this Smart Reply feature. This feature is more fast and powerful because it learns something more about you and the way you use the emails.

One of the best advantage of this feature is, they are generated by Artificial Intelligence but seems like natural responses. This Smart Reply Feature will give you more accurate responses with each new mail.

But could you know what is the main purpose or reason to creating this advance feature? Suppose you receive a mail in your mobile and on the same time you replied on that mail but after sometime again and again new messages has arrived which becomes some tenuous to replies on mobile. Because on mobile you found small screen, small buttons, and fat thumbs which test your patience. That’s why Smart Reply Feature was developed for automatic reply purpose. And through this feature you didn’t have to worry about your message because no one can see your content. Contact Gmail Customer Service for more queries related to any gmail troubles.