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Food 867 views Nov 07, 2019
Nice Dutch Origin Gifts To Surprise Foreigners

Gifting someone is an act of love. And everyone loves getting gifts from time to time. You might receive a gift on a normal day or even during a special occasion such as your birthday, anniversary, and so on. More so, you can also decide to gift yourself- there is nothing wrong with that.

When traveling to a new country, you might decide to get yourself a gift or even buy for the people you left back at home. And truth be told, deciding on what gift to buy might be daunting, but fret not! If you have traveled to one of the Dutch countries, here are a few Dutch origin gift ideas that you can buy;

1. Dutch caramel waffles

The Dutch caramel waffles are one of the most sought out gifts by foreigners. It consists of two thin layers of waffles that are stuck together with caramel syrup. This combination is one of the most loved Dutch delicacies. Most people, if not all who have tried it, always want more of it. It being originally from the Dutch, and having an interesting history behind it makes it one of the most thoughtful ones. More so, they come in different sizes, and the packaging can be personalized hence adding some personal touch to it. Best believe you can never go wrong with the Dutch caramel waffles.

2. Dutch Clogs

In line with the Dutch culture, clogs are one of the best gifting ideas, especially for foreigners. They are very colorful, classic, and comfortable shoes that are made of wood. They are handmade and come in different designs, as well. The creativity used in making them is simply outstanding, and there is just something special about them.

3. Dutch cookies

Everyone loves crunchy cookies that are freshly baked with some love. Cookies from World of Cookies will make you crave for more the moment you take your first bite. Also, they come in different shapes, flavors, and sizes too. It all depends on what you want. How cool is it that you can also add a quote to your cookie packaging as well? If you want to make the gift more intimate, then personalizing the cookie packaging with some quote is a brilliant idea.

4. Tulips

The Netherlands is known far and wide because of the tulip bulbs it produces, and what better gift than buying the tulip bulbs? You can purchase the tulips from the stores in the country and take them home to plant them. You can choose to have them in your yard or even plant them in small flower pots and place them in your balcony. Tulips bring life to your home by adding some touch of nature. Also, it improves the aesthetics of your home.

Take away

You can never lack something to gift yourself or someone else when you travel to the Netherlands. And besides the gift ideas mentioned above, others include windmills, Dutch cheese, Dutch alcohol, and delft pottery.