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Business 3,600 views Oct 24, 2019
Reasons Why Your Business Should Use an Austin SEO Company

It's actually pretty exciting starting an online business for the first time. The even better part is hiring an SEO company that can save you money and helps you rank big. Today you're going to learn what SEO is and why you should consider hiring Austin SEO company for your ranking needs.


SEO For Ranking

If you own your own website by now you should be familiar with the term SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization for short. In order to rank online your blog, video or website has to be optimized. This means you need quality content of at least 500 words minimum, keyword-rich titles, and content, and check for any misspelled words using your favorite grammar checking tool.


Austin SEO is a great company to work with because they identify the keywords you want to rank for. After identifying the keywords you want to rank for you can count on them to help you rank in the search engines. As a client, it's important to be organized and be specific as to what country you want to rank your keywords.


Country Ranking

Did you know keywords have different search volumes per country, state, and city? This means your keyword "dog training" might have a search volume of 15000 in the USA and 18000 in Canada. As a client, you should also find out what country backlinks you are getting.


If all of the backlinks you purchase are coming from India that won't help you rank in the USA. Austin SEO does a great job of providing the backlinks you need to hit your ranking goals. You're able to check which country your backlink domain is from by doing a free domain lookup online.


Check By City Location

A really great SEO company should be able to help you rank locally. Not only should the company be able to help you rank locally a great SEO service should also be able to help you track your rankings per city. By doing so you will have great insight as to how the same keyword is performing per city.


Backlink Performance

Many clients don't do this but when given a text file or excel file containing your backlinks it's good to check those backlinks every 3 months to check their performance. The reason is it is very common for backlinks to die out after 6 months. Now, of course, that would be if you are purchasing cheap backlinks from an SEO provider. When choosing to work with Austin SEO you will your backlinks will stick much longer than the average service.


Guaranteed Rankings

It isn't always easy for an SEO company to predict how soon a keyword will rank. Keyword rankings take time and patience. Rankings depend on the quality of the backlinks, age of the blog, quality of content, and many other factors. Although an SEO company can not predict how soon you will rank it is important for the client to have an idea as to when they should see at least a page 1 ranking not necessarily a position 1 ranking on page one.


When hiring an SEO firm it's a good idea for the client to work with the firm for at least six months. Within six months you should have a general idea of where your ranking goals are headed. By six months you should be populating for your keywords. This means you might be in position 100 on Google for your keywords but you should be in some type of ranking position. If by one year you are not on pages 2 to 3 it might be time to switch to a new SEO service.


Outsourcing The Talent

Whatever your SEO needs are Austin SEO Company is here to help. Having the power to outsource a team of professionals is priceless. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources around you and contact Austin SEO for any of your SEO needs.


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