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Arts & Culture 362 views Apr 03, 2020
Is Discourse the Only Solution to Build the Social Fabric Stron

The year is 2020, and the world is still struggling with building an ideal social fabric. You may hear from elders saying that there was a time family structure was strong, and social fabric was commendable. They are not completely wrong in saying so, but you need to understand that all is still not lost. You can still make a difference by generating discourse about issues that are damaging the social fabric. 

Doe offers a platform to do so. You can tell your own story if you want to or write your opinion on how people can improve their behaviors and hence the social fabric. You’ll be surprised to know how your story can help to inspire others and bring a change in their lives as well as in society. 

So, if you have anything to share or any social evil that you want to discuss without revealing yourself, you can do it very easily. Don’t hold back something that must be talked about. Generate the much-needed discourse about the issues that you think can bring a positive change in the overall social fabric. Forget about facing the backlash and personal attacks because that is not going to happen when your anonymity is protected.