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Family & Home 286 views Feb 26, 2020
3 Patio Cover Ideas to Give Your House a Unique Look

If you don’t know, a patio cover is a shade structure installed in the house exterior. Many people spend thousands of dollars to spruce up their outdoor with the help of a patio cover but don’t get expected results. You can either acquire services of a patio cover Houston based company or have an artistic mind. Either way, be sure to try these exciting ideas for your patio cover.

1.      DIY Patio Cover with Texas Lamp Posts

If you are obsessed with vintage lamp posts, the best option is to complement them with a patio cover. Make sure you choose lamps that are in coherence with the color of the patio cover. Despise hanging heavy plants as there is always a chance of them falling. Get professional help to install Texas lamp posts with the patio cover. You can also add interesting LED lights to the patio cover during night time to emanate a sweet vibe.

2.      Moroccan Rooftop

This idea gained popularity in Hong Kong and since then has invaded many parts of the world. This roof is made by Perspex and is UV resistant. This means you can sit under this patio cover without worrying about the harmful rays of the sun. Depending on what color you prefer, the patio cover can be painted with ease. Although this patio cover is best made in Hong Kong, there are many companies that sell such covers globally. Moroccan rooftop can surely carve an iconic fashion statement in your home.

3.      Shade Cloth Patio Cover

If you have a low budget for the patio cover, you can settle for a clothing cover for your home. Shade cloth consumes less money, can be easily installed and always gives you a chance to customize it. For instance, if you want to incorporate shade cloth during the summer season, the best option is to settle for light colors. Contrary to these, you can choose dark colors during winter with a damp cloth. However, shade cloth patios have to be carefully installed because they can get torn out with strong winds.