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Family & Home 246 views Feb 24, 2020
3 Original Ideas For Decorating & Landscaping Your Garden

Having a garden is not enough, you still have to know how to take advantage of it! Here are 3 tips for landscaping and enjoying it all year round.
Whatever its size, a well-landscaped garden can enhance your long summer evenings ... but also enjoy it for the rest of the year!

"Your patio cover can be more than just a structure; it can be a place where family and friends gather to enjoy time together," says Linden Builders, a company specializing in home remodeling and patio cover Houston based, which have highly skilled workers in everything related to home improvement business.

Here are 3 tips to make your garden a pleasant place and give it an original look.

1 - The terrace

Design or old school, in stone or in wood, the terrace allows you to create a relaxation space within your garden, which you can decorate with tables and chairs, even a sofa… In addition, it brings a nice little touch that enhances the garden. And then, it also avoids finding your feet in the mud after a good rain!

2 - The pergola.

To be able to take advantage of its exterior in all conditions, consider installing a pergola. It allows you to escape from too strong a sun, to enjoy your garden when it rains, or simply to have breakfast outside during the summer mornings. And unlike the parasol, it can stay in place all year round and is not afraid of bad weather. There are more types: the aluminum pergola, wooden, with a polycarbonate roof ... It can be installed in a corner of the garden or attached to the house, can house an outdoor dining room or living room, and makes thus acting as a real additional room.

3 - The sand

Do you know the small Zen gardens that are raked by hand with a mini rake? They are inspired by Japanese gardens, where sand replaces gravel. The sand inspires harmony, softness, calm. So to create a real Zen garden at home, think about freeing up a space to dedicate it to sand ... and relaxation!