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Choose your best stirrup

A horse rider uses stirrup to protect himself from falling. When pulling the reins of a horse, the rider leans backward and this is likely to cause his foot to slip. So riders use stirrup for safety.  So, the legs are stuck in the stirrup. If you want to buy the best safety stirrups here are some suggestions for you.


Free Jump Soft Up Pro Irons: This is a high-quality stirrup, used by most Olympic riders nowadays.

  • It provides a good position for the toes.
  • It grips the legs perfectly.
  • It is very flexible.
  • It's very expensive.


Royal King Metal Endurance Stirrups: This stirrup has a kind of cage on the toes.  As a result, there is no risk of slipping.

  • It is very suitable for legs and toes.
  • It must be put on the horse's genitals. (Otherwise, there is a possibility of falling)


Foot Free Safety Stirrup Irons: It's called extra protective stirrups. It gives you extra protection with a standard quality. 

  • It's very classic to look at.
  • It is made of steel.
  • More sustainable.
  • Its weight is consistent.
  • The stirrup must be properly placed in the right place.


Tuff Rider Stainless Steel Peacock Stirrups: This model has been around for a long time. It's also a traditional stirrup.

  • It is made of high-quality steel.
  • There is no possibility of rust.
  • Suitable for long-term use.
  • Available at low prices.
  • But its rubber has to be changed regularly.


Equi Royal Safety Stirrups Iron: It is much more luxurious to look at.  And it also can provide additional protection. This model is for those who want to show themselves traditional and classic.

  • Can move the legs easily.
  • There is no possibility of breaking.

But not all sizes are available. This is the bad side of this Stirrup.


Magnetic Safety Stirrups: The rider prefers this type of stirrup more.

  • It helps to keep the feet in the right place.
  • Its weight is consistent.
  • It is very expensive.
  • It is made of plastic so it looks relatively cheaper than the Price.


MDC Super Sport Stirrups: It gives you protection with flexibility.

  • Its features made from the aluminum tread.
  • It's very expensive.
  • It doesn't provide much protection regarding price.


Now you can purchase and select the best safety stirrups according to your ability and choice.