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Technology 318 views Apr 10, 2020
How to be a freelance graphic designer

Since the internet has become a medium of business and product selling, there is a huge demand for graphic designers among companies. Freelance graphic design is not the easiest of professional paths. But you can accomplish great success in this field by improving skills and following efficient steps. In this article, you will know about the steps of becoming a freelance graphic designer according to Work from home solutions Nairobi


Steps to follow 


  1. Work with updated tools 

As a graphic designer, you should use updated software applications for creating the proper program. Outdated software applications complicate the work process. After that, you need to learn how to use the applications for delivering quality services to the customers. Applications like- Sketchpad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop tools are a good medium to learn basic programs.


  1. Learn from the sources

As a graphic designer, you need to learn new features every day from online tutorials and articles. This habit will help you to keep updated with the current market requirements. Also, you can join the learning sites to communicate with other people and know about their work process. 


  1. Projects

Most companies look for experienced designers who can make projects or design sites. You can design small projects for practice and as your skills grow, you can design big projects. Instead of limiting your work in similar projects, try creating different projects for the clients. This will brush up your skill and you will get reviews from the clients. Client review is helpful for a career as reviews show the quality of work. 


  1. Create a workplace 

Create a website to connect with the clients and showcase your works. You can create projects and store those in your personal space. While developing your website, take a sufficient amount of time and focus on the design part mostly. 


  1. Connect with the client

Try to understand the requirements of your client. Instead of delivering the same design to every client, prepare creative designs and sites. Before finalizing the project, create an overview of the whole project and show it to the client for approval.


If you are planning to start today, visit Work from home solutions Nairobi to get a clear idea of how to proceed.