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Business 319 views Feb 10, 2020
Five tips for selling your gold jewellery

Are you bored with your old fashioned gold jewellery? Are you planning to sell your old gold jewelry? Well, gold as a metal is never out of fashion but you might not like our old designed gold jewelry. Selling gold jewellery is not an easy task. You must analyze a lot. Otherwise, we might face a huge loss.


Here are five tips before you sell your gold jewellery:

Research on gold jewellery

You do not have much knowledge about gold jewelry? If you are really planning for selling your gold jewelry, analyze the market. You should get a clear idea of the market price and rate of your jewelry. Do not take a hasty decision.


Know your options

There are many places that you can sell your gold jewelry. Pawnshop, jewellery shop, and gold buyers, these all can be your option. Choose your option carefully. We recommend you to sell your jewelry to a gold jewelry shop. Choosing a jewelry shop will be a safe option for you. No other shop will pay as much as a jewelry shop will pay you. Try to choose a re-known, reputed shop.


Avoid pawn shops

Pawnshops are shops that pay the least amount of possible. So it is really better if you avoid pawn shops. They not only just pay you less but also very manipulative.

Know the price you are getting

Do not count the price according to the market gold price. Only 24 carat gets the full price. The jewelers will only measure the gold, not the other stone or metal.


Organize before selling

Organize your gold jewelry before selling. That will save both your and jeweler’s time. Gold dealers may pay you more money if he finds out the jewellery organized. If there is any other thing without gold then you better separate it at home.

Gold jewelry is a really expensive asset of yours. As selling gold jewelry is challenging so, try to follow all the tips that have been described above.