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Family & Home 338 views Feb 01, 2020
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Air Conditioning


Choosing air conditioning is not an easy task. Air conditioning is an important appliance of home. Buying a wrong AC can be costly for your comfort. You should research a lot before buying and do not decide very quickly. People make a lot of mistakes during their purchase, here are the six mistakes that you need to avoid before buying an AC.

Looking for the lowest price

 Not all of us have deep pockets. Many of you can think about buying an inexpensive AC. If you get the perfect deal at a low price then it is alright but if you need to spend a huge amount on its maintenance then it will be more troublesome.

Buying the wrong sized AC

 There are two misconceptions about AC. That the bigger one will be more effective and the smaller will be less expensive. If it is bigger than what you need, that means it is using more power and if it is too small than it will take a huge time to cool down your room. So, you should buy an AC according to your requirements.

Hiring an unqualified contractor:

Do not hire any random contractor to save your money. You should check the certification before hiring one. Check out his experience in this field. Try to take the feedbacks of the previous customer whether they are happy or not with the service.

Not focusing on energy efficiency:

Energy efficiency is an important consideration before buying AC. The greater efficiency is has the lower electric bill it will be. Try to look for energy star rated products with a higher SEER rating. The SEER rating 13 is minimum, while 16 or above is considered energy efficient.

Not looking into the coils:

When you buy an AC, you should check on the coils they are using inside the cooling unit. Buying AC with copper tubes is highly recommended.



If you want to get the best air conditioning service Bromley, avoid these mistakes. Do not make a hasty decision. It is your valuable money, you should be careful about investing.