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Technology 310 views Jan 28, 2020
What is 3D Printing technology

3D Printing might be considered as one of the latest technologies in today’s world that is being practiced worldwide, in almost every sector one could possibly think of. So what is meant by 3D Printing? 3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is basically nothing but a process that creates a three-dimensional object from a computerized model mostly by adding one material layer over the other (hence the name- additive manufacturing).


So how does a 3D printing system work? Like we already know, it works by adding layers one over another to finally create a 3D object. But for a 3D Printer to build a three-dimensional object, it has to be aided with a 3D printable model from a computer-aided design package or a 3D scanner or even a plain digital camera. Here, a computer-aided design (CAD) is more preferable though since it leads to fewer errors that can be corrected before printing, and also because a CAD can then be directly transformed into the Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF). Once the AMF is completed, it is processed by software named slicer which produces a G-code (a G-code carries all the instructions that are to be followed by a 3D printer to form the required 3D object). This G-coded AMF is then finally inserted into a 3D printer which then builds a 3D printed object as required.


3D Printing has developed quite rapidly through all these years with its fastest development in recent years. It has developed to such an extent that its use is diverse. For example-


  • In the automotive industry, 3D printed parts like shift knobs and cylinder heads in both passenger and racing cars are being used which lowers cost and also improves performance.

  • The aerospace industry is manufacturing lightweight 3D-printed table trays for jet engines to enhance quality and cut down excessive energy loss.

  • The healthcare industry is using 3D printing technology and materials for creating medical items, such as prosthetics, eye-wears, and even dental products. PolyJet 3D printing technology is being used to form complex objects in multiple colors and materials, that are used as brain models for training future neurosurgeons.


Considering everything, what is really technology without 3D Printing? Is it just not our ultimate future? Sure it is!