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Technology 342 views Jan 26, 2020
How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Make?

A wedding videographer has a significant role in a wedding ceremony because he captures the most important moments in a motion picture. Get a reputable wedding videographer, and you will be thrilled with his creativity and the final outcome. If you go for a cheaper option, you will likely get a low-quality video which can be a disaster. There is no way back to get those moments, you need to get them right at that time.


Wedding videographers offer a high range of wedding video packages. It is up to you to find what you really need. A wedding videographer in Dubai is highly paid and respected in his/her profession. In this article, you will learn about how much a wedding videographer makes from each package.


Usually, wedding video packages vary based on people's demands and expectations. You will get a general idea about the overall costs of these packages.


A typical wedding videography package may cost between $350 and $1000, or more. They usually offer a photo shooting session and the videos from the wedding ceremony.


If you slightly increase your budget to about $1000-$1200, you will get an enhanced package with both the wedding and reception ceremony.


The cost range also depends on the luxury touch. Some couples prefer something extraordinary with background music in the videos, along with titles. For them, deluxe packages are perfect, but their price tag can reach between $1200 to $1900.


Other couples may like making their wedding video like a documentary film. For them, the premium package can be the right option that costs around $2,000 $3,000. The luxury package comes with lots of extras that can reach $3,000 to $6,000. The videographers make the best out of your wedding ceremony along with reception and perhaps a "trash the dress" session a few days after the wedding.


Wedding videographers are highly paid if they are able to create a good reputation somewhere. When you are about to hire a wedding videographer, consider seeing people's reviews online or from friends. It is about capturing or shooting the best moments of your life. So, the output from a videographer should top level.


A wedding videographer's charge can vary according to his creativity, skills, fame and demand. You have to consider these factors allied with your budget when you are planning to hire your wedding videographer.