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General 336 views Jan 20, 2020
Lab-Grown Diamonds: A better option?

Lab-grown diamonds are often referred to as fake diamonds by many because of their different chemical properties. Although lab-grown diamonds are chemically different, physically, they are as same as an organic diamond. Lab grown diamonds Sydney are being traded all over the world for their increase in demand in the market. If you are confused about whether to buy lab-grown diamonds, this article will help you to solve your dilemma. 


Diamond is the most stable form of carbon on earth. Organic diamond is a carbon tetrahedral structure and takes billion years to form; that too at high temperature and pressure. Lab-grown diamonds are made in controlled laboratory conditions that are similar to the Earth’s natural environment. High temperature and pressure are created artificially in the lab, keeping the Earth’s atmosphere in mind. This makes sure that the diamonds have the structure and chemical properties similar to the organic diamonds.


 Lab-grown diamonds are created individually using high-pressure, high-temperature, and chemical vapor displacement. It takes 6 to 10 weeks to create a diamond in the laboratory. Both organic and lab-grown diamonds are equal in clarity and color. The only difference between the two is the origin. Moreover, Lab-grown diamonds Sydney comes in white, yellow, blue, pink and green.


Organic diamonds require a lot of processing work before using them. Miners, distributors, cutters, polishers, manufacturers, and retailers are needed to make them usable. As a result, the price of the diamond reaches sky high. Lab-grown diamonds have shorter processing work making it less expensive. Lab-grown diamonds cost 30% less than organic diamonds despite having the same quality and clarity. Also, lab-grown diamonds have a good resale value in the market.


In recent times, lab-grown diamonds have become a symbol of jewelry like-engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. Lab-grown diamonds carry a minimum of 20 carats in weight. Organic diamonds are not affordable for all. However, lab-grown diamonds are affordable for everyone. Organic diamonds come from mining which harms the environment. Lab-grown diamonds are less harmful to the environment and take less energy to create a diamond in the lab. You can use these diamonds and buy them without any confusion. Diamonds are artificially grown at all places, however, Lab-grown diamonds Sydney can be a better buying option.