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Business 289 views Jan 19, 2020
Guide to sell gold

There are quite a few methods of selling gold jewellery. You can sell your gold jewellery through a pawn shop, online or at a local jeweller. Whatever method you choose, it is important to realize that the market is infested with swindlers who may trick you to sell your gold jewellery at a lower price than you deserve. Your jewellery is valuable and you would not want to compromise when it comes to selling them. It is important to note that the selling price of gold is not the same as the buying price. There are several measures to be taken before selling gold jewellery.


Gold content

Usually, gold jewellery will also be adorned with other gemstones or beads, etc. When selling gold jewellery these are not considered in the weight. Any precious or not precious gemstone will first be removed from your jewellery and then weighed. The higher the weight of your jewellery without the stones the better the price you receive when selling them.



When you first got your gold jewellery made by some jeweller, they charged money for refining, melting and making of the gold. When you are selling the jewellery you won't be able to retrieve these charges. At sell-gold-jewellery you can get your gold jewellery sold at the highest value.


Convert you gold

A lesser-known fact is that gold in the form of a cube or bar is more valued than in the form of jewellery. When you have it in a cube form, the buyer can manipulate it according to his desire easily and will require less effort to get his desired item. You can consider melting your jewellery and selling it as a gold cube or something to obtain maximum value.


Know your karats

The value of gold varies with its purity. For example, 24 carat is 100% gold, 18-carat gold contains 75% gold and 25% other metals. Lower carat gold will cost lower prices. Hence, when selling gold remember to know your karats beforehand.


Receipts and boxes

Before selling gold try to keep with you all the receipts and certificates of the jewellery when you purchased it. This way a buyer can be more confident about its value and purity.