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Technology 289 views Jan 14, 2020
Why Tablets are better than Laptops?


Electronic devices have seen major changes for the last two decades. Earlier there were desktops, then came phones and laptops. What came as a hindrance was the portability of this device to offices or in long journeys. Phones were a good option but they could not deliver what customers were demanding. Tablets came as a substitute for laptops and a better option than a phone.

Nowadays they work as educational material, entertainment tools, document carriers, for showing presentation and more. People often confuse tablets with large phones. Tablets are completely different.

With tablets, you can make animations, write books on digital handwriting pads, illustrate, edit movie clips or make short documentaries.

Now why tablets are a better option than laptops? Is it only their configuration that makes them different? Here we will let you know why should choose tablets over laptops.


  • Tablets working as modern laptops:

Tablets are laptops without keyboards. So where will you write? You can experience the best from this device through its digital writing pad. Earlier laptops had types of fonts but they did not offer any typing pad, if they did, you had to buy it differently. But digital handwriting pads in tablets let you write according to your wish.


  • Documents are portable:

Signature pads are a new addition for tablets. With emerging business technologies nobody wants to carry legal papers. It is risky and a hassle too. Documents are sent via e-mail or zip files and later can be signed on signature pads. Ugee tablet is a good option to choose unique tablets. Their signature pads are very delicate. You can find these tablets on


  • Better gaming experience:

Days are gone when you had to rush to your home to participate in online games. As tablets are portable you can carry it wherever you want and you do not need to come back home to enjoy your games with friends.


  • Portable Power banks and charging option:

How can we forget battery life? Whether in a journey or doing official works, nobody would want to have a device that dies at a crucial moment. Laptops have better charging options than desktops though this is not enough for long journeys. Portable power banks for tablets relieve you from this tension.



Tablets are gradually replacing laptops. Their size, portability and excellent features keep them in demand now. From elderly people to the youth all are loving this unique device.