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Family & Home 346 views Jan 07, 2020
Are sash and case windows still trendy in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, the old city of Scotland, is still carrying the Georgian and Neoclassical architecture. Rocky stone buildings have sash and case windows in Edinburgh with traditional and old designs. These rocky buildings are eye-catching with various designs. Monuments like a Scottish Church building, Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyrood House, Scott Monument, Rosslyn Chapel, and many historical places have the traditional sash and case windows of the 17th & 18th centuries. Still, these window designs give the city aesthetic looks.


Sash and casement windows designs have enhanced over time. These window designs are integrated with the new model and trendy designs. These designs create authenticity for the new era. The earlier design and new elements combined give the windows new trendy overlooks.


Nowadays, both timber and metal panels are also used for making sash and case windows. These Aluminum panels enhance the beauty of the window. The glazing panel with a gorgeous glass mirror makes the window stand out.


The 18th century's style, known as Georgian style, changed in the 19th century. In this time, the style has made significant changes that create a gorgeous overlook on the window glass in the sunlight. Sash and case windows became popular in the Georgian period, but today's style is a combination of the traditional and modern look. Moreover, these windows let plenty of natural light inside the house. People who like mid-century modern look for their interior look prefer this window. Also, the windows are easy to clean and add an aesthetic look to the outside of the house.


Sash and case windows are the actual property of Edinburgh, Scotland. Still, they have a well-deserved appealing to people all over the world. Sash and case windows in Edinburgh are a timeless elegant feature, keeping the history alive across the country. Even in this modern era, the windows are very popular for houses and restaurants. Although the window mainly gives a mid-century modern look, however, it blends perfectly with all interior looks, be it modern, mid-century modern, a fusion of modern and traditional look, or a complete traditional look.