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Legal 387 views Jan 07, 2020
Lego Wins Court Case against Chinese Counterfeit Lepin

Making counterfeit products is not new to China. For a long time, China has been in the knock-off market. This time, the victim was the famous toymaker Lego. 

As you already know, police took down the website of Lepin and arrested four from the company for producing and selling counterfeit products in China. Lepin copied the blueprint, names, theme as well as the company logo of Lego. Lego did not let the Chinese company Lepin to escape with this. From the journalists of Reuters, we came to know that Lego has won another court case against the copycats in China. 

Fake Lego products are not just against the copyright law but also, it was hampering the reputation of the company. Along with this, the knockoff Lego products also raised safety issued among the children as those were not made from quality materials. These fake Legos were very flimsy and they were sold at one-tenth of the market price of the original products. 

In a case in 2018, Lego succeeded in a copyright competition case in China for the first time. The Chief Executive of Lego, Niels B. Christiansen said that they believe that the decision of the court is well-founded and clearly shows the hard work that Chinese authorities exhibited for protecting intellectual property. The success of the second case on the counterfeit company shows that, Lego complete shut down the business of knockoff miniature figures and building blocks under the Lepin brand. 

The District Court of Guangzhou Yuexiu agreed with Lego that the local company copied its product under the Lepin brand. They also ruled that the defendant immediately should stop all types of production, promotion, and sale of the fake Lego products. Along with this, they should pay a total of 4.5 million Yuan or 650,000 dollars for all the damages they caused to the company. 

Lego has been in this business for a long time. China is an important business place for the European toymaker Lego.  Where the sale is slowing in U.S. and European countries, the demand for Lego is growing in China. China alone contributes to 10 percent of the total sale of Legos. Hence, the company Lego was so stressed over the counterfeit products in the market. 

Lego has four flagship stores in China, three in Shanghai and one in Beijing. They are also in partnership with the Chinese giant company Tencent games. 

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