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Business 195 views Dec 30, 2019
Why should you move to Phuket?

Whether you are a dreamer or a realistic person, everybody in their lifetime once had dreamt of staying somewhere away from their homeland which is perfect to settle in. What if it is Phuket?


Thailand is a great place in order to have food, roam around or go mad partying. Phuket is at the center of Thailand. Starting from the beaches, you will find beauty in Phuket’s clubs too. The big fishes are now investing in Phuket real estate because of the growing population in Phuket. However, if you are planning to move in, why do you think you should move to Phuket?


Living cost in Phuket:

Living cost in Phuket is lower than any other tourists spot. According to your lifestyle, the amount may vary. But, the things that need more money are house and food. Despite that, living expenses in Phuket is less than 50% of New York expenses. Here you can live under 15,000 Baht which also includes your transport, electricity bills. 600 Baht will be enough for your food bills. You may not live a king-size life but you will be living a good life. You can look for houses at Here you will get to see nice houses at a cheap rate. If you are a house owner in Phuket or planning to invest in Phuket real estate then this is a very unique platform.



The transportation service is quite flexible here. Almost everyone has their own scooters. You can get a taxi by subscribing to it. There you have to pay monthly charges.


Travelling Near-by Places:

Phuket is a place of serene beauty. However, the near-by places challenge the serenity of this place. You can see Pattaya, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Hong Kong. Flight rates are quite cheaper if you travel from Phuket. There are connecting flights to North America too. Domestic flights are cheaper than any other flight. You can enjoy near-by excellent beaches at a very good rate.




These are some basic reasons why you should choose Phuket to settle in. Besides, depending on your income level and preferences, you can seek out about this place more.